Monday, October 20, 2014


I just learned that my first wife who divorced me mainly because I would not tow the line to the religion I had fallen for earlier in life is on her death bed. I have neither joy nor deep sorrow over the situation. It was inevitable that this day would come soon, and I know all too well that it isn't that far away where I'm concerned.

When people die, it leaves a temporary hole in some lives and it's sad that it leaves such a little one in her children's lives. She was not an evil person in basic intent. Nevertheless, the ravages of cultic religion took their toll on her and led to her estrangement from all her children.

A few years later, after my second wife left me a widower, she made overtures to a renewal of our life together, but I was not interested. I knew it would be disastrous to try anything of the kind.

I moved on and built a new life and so have the children. I know she could not have been deeply happy, but none of us could do anything about that.

Time to go to bed and reflect on this and many other things, like her telling me right after she separated from me and filed for divorce that I was going to "lose everything." That's about as good as all other prophetic prognostications that came out of that cultic hodge podge.

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