Monday, October 20, 2014


I just learned that my first wife who divorced me mainly because I would not tow the line to the religion I had fallen for earlier in life is on her death bed. I have neither joy nor deep sorrow over the situation. It was inevitable that this day would come soon, and I know all too well that it isn't that far away where I'm concerned.

When people die, it leaves a temporary hole in some lives and it's sad that it leaves such a little one in her children's lives. She was not an evil person in basic intent. Nevertheless, the ravages of cultic religion took their toll on her and led to her estrangement from all her children.

A few years later, after my second wife left me a widower, she made overtures to a renewal of our life together, but I was not interested. I knew it would be disastrous to try anything of the kind.

I moved on and built a new life and so have the children. I know she could not have been deeply happy, but none of us could do anything about that.

Time to go to bed and reflect on this and many other things, like her telling me right after she separated from me and filed for divorce that I was going to "lose everything." That's about as good as all other prophetic prognostications that came out of that cultic hodge podge.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Controlling, opinionated and hateful people are a great big pain in the ass!
We went to WalMart today for some shopping. As usual, we took our Poms with us and sat with them on the bench just inside the entrance and cart area. As soon as we appeared, some hateful woman complained to the greeter that they were allowing dogs in the store and he told me it might be best if I didn't bring them next time.
I'm not one to bow to that sort of thing and objected to some bitch with a bad attitude destroying all the joy we and so many others get out of those little dogs and certainly the joy they get. People have learned to look for them and fall over them in joyful petting, dog kisses, etc. So, I told him that until the management told me to cease and desist, I intended to keep on bringing them and sitting in that entrance area where they store carts and welcome shoppers. We never take them into the store proper, but many do and claim they are service dogs whether they really are or not.
The manager happened by a few minutes later and the greeter mentioned the situation to him. He said not to worry about it. So, we're home free for now.
No matter what people do, some scowl-faced busybody is sure to try to take all the joy out of other people's lives based on their personal quirks, beliefs and prejudices. Those dogs live for trips out like this. They've never even growled at a human being in their entire lives. It's two-way love, and the world needs a whole lot more of that!


I'm sure everyone has had that constricted feeling in their throat when some anxiety or fear gripped them. It can even get painful and last a while after the episode is over.

We're not the only creatures in which this phenomenon occurs. I've seen it in our little dogs, especially the oldest and most sensitive Pomeranian, Trouble.

I wrote about our losing Daisy, our Pomchi, last Friday. Everything that transpired had an obvious effect on her two fellow pack mates. They were obviously upset when she failed to come back home Friday and I'm sure they didn't know she was in that little box. Saturday, Trouble developed a hacking cough that got so bad we were back at the vet's by late morning. It was just a restricted breathing passage, which is common to small breeds like Pomeranians, especially when they are upset. We got an expensive prescription which helped yesterday, but the problem cleared up by today.

Now that we know why these attacks come on, it will be easier to deal with them. I took extra pains this evening to brush and pet Trouble in my lap and make him feel secure. People make a big mistake when they discount other creatures capacity for emotions and deep feelings. They're not that much different from us.


There's sadness at our house today. "Little Girl," our beloved Pomchi didn't survive a medical procedure to realign her right hip joint. I had forebodings last night and was up over two hours, unable to sleep.
Daisy had breathing difficulties that were enhanced by any emotional upset, a sort of asthma. She got very upset when we went yesterday for diagnosis and that was heightened by a nearby electrical storm last evening. She was even more upset when we put her in the car to go for treatment this morning. She's been a bundle of nerves ever since her original owner gave her up to us because she was being bullied by her new husband's chihuahuas. She grieved over that for many moons but had settled down to a seeming acceptance of us.

Even when she would stand at the bedroom door and yip to be let in or out when she was perfectly capable of going through it on her own if we weren't around, we couldn't be cross with her. You see, she was a princess, and by cricketty a princess should get better service than that.

So, a little bit of the consciousness that has evolved out of the atomic mixtures of the galaxy is now returning those wonderfully organized atoms back into the intricate mixture that makes up everything and they'll go on in myriad new forms and mixtures, including other animals and vegetation.
It's been a privilege to have her in our lives, to see her joy and a multitude of delightful little idiosyncrasies. She'll be remembered as long as our breath continues. Inevitably, we will join her.
Not the best birthday present.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Human beings are so much like computers! Computers don't think or reason and neither do most human beings about the programming they receive right after manufacture. Both come into existence totally blank. Programming is the key to everything, and you'd better have good virus and malware protection or some bastard is going to corrupt everything for a multitude of nefarious objectives.

I have Avast free antivirus because of budgetary concerns, but I noticed that a whole lot of annoying popups were still plaguing me. Then, thanks to a tip I got on Facebook, I downloaded Malwarebytes and a whole host of things got expunged from my computer. No more problem with those annoying popups but I can't get into a game program that was apparently the source of some of my problems. Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned. I really don't need to be wasting my time being frustrated by that stupid butterflies game. It gets to be a time-wasting habit.

I came into this world like a pristine computer. Immediately, through my family, community, schooling, social contacts, etc., my programming began and a lot of it was corrupted, Along about eighteen, a virulently malicious malware invaded through radio, print and publications and I embarked on twenty-two years of viral madness. It's taken decades to slowly and painfully erase one junk item after another, sometimes wandering into other malware territory.

Just thought I'd toss that out for you all to ruminate over.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Some facts about myself have forced me to carefully analyze some of my attitudes and motivations, mainly what makes me so hostile to religion and faith and so dedicated to fighting both. As in most negative scenarios, such emotions usually hark back to some psychological trauma.

In my case, it goes back to squandering about two decades of my life through falling for the machinations of a cultmeister who artfully employed all the conman and mafia don devices of an Adolf Hitler or a Carmine Gallanti. In fact, he had studied Hitler's Mein Kampf I have since found out. He was absolutely determined to make himself a god on earth, and like Hitler, he succeeded, in this case, until the end of a life of 92 years.

I have to admit that falling for this gigantic scam did serve to get me out of the nowhere situation I was trapped in. In spite of all the trauma in my life, I did escape from the humdrum existence I would have naturally hated if I'd been stuck on a farm or ranch for the rest of my life. I am thankful for that, but it doesn't change the fact that, like a goosestepping SS fanatic, I did lasting damage to many I love the most, as well as many other innocent victims I wrote to and counseled, in addition to having to spend decades straightening out my own mind.

If I could have had the prescience to know that my natural place in life was in the journalism and teaching field and had I had some way to get myself there, I'm sure I'd still be an outspoken liberal activist, but I might not be so heavily dedicated to debunking things of faith and religion. I'm sort of a Simon Wiesenthal.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have a question for just about everybody on this earth -- why the hell are you so dedicated to and fanatical about the gods and religions that have been, throughout history, forced upon you all through brutality and violence? In short, it's the old mafia game of making an offer that cannot be refused, and you go along with it out of fear toward doing anything else and actually thinking.

Rev. Al Sharpton is on MSNBC right now and I can hear it clearly from the kitchen TV. He's a black man and an ordained Christian minister of some denomination that is absolutely convinced they're representatives of the only legitimate god. How come? His ancestors were brutally kidnapped and brought by the millions to this and other areas of the world. Preachers took advantage of their subservient and desperate conditions to systematically fill their minds with the garbage that constitutes Christianity. I'm aware that a few negroid people have tried to keep alive some of the original African beliefs through Santoria, but the majority just "Amen" themselves hoarse shouting out their grafted on beliefs in multitudes of churches.

Same with Native Americans. Do any of them still worship "The Great Spirit?" Maybe a few have spurned the nonsense missionaries tried to palm off on the few desperate survivors. (I'm not saying that they had any deep truth before, but it wasn't the crap of a malevolent deity condemning the whole human race to death over eating some fictional fruit, then raping a Jewish girl to impregnate himself into human form so he could sacrifice himself to himself to supposedly set everything right -- if you manage to get the formula right and accidentally end up in the "right" group.)

Throughout the Middle East and Africa, people fanatically worship a religion that was forced upon their ancestors on the pain of being summarily and brutally dispatched if they didn't acquiesce and start flopping on their brainwashed faces five times a day to pray to Allah.

How about you? Where is the Thor, the Odin, etc. our ancestors (if you're white European in ancestry) worshiped and abandoned to keep a sword (or worse) from dispatching them to whatever afterlife they previously looked forward to.

It's about time people started thinking about all those certainties they're so fanatically dedicated to believing out of plain old fear of condemnation.

Talk about Terrorism! The "Stockholm syndrome" controls the world and dictates what most people say they believe, but in the back of many, many minds there have to be deep questions. At least, there should be