Sunday, February 13, 2011

When History Isn't History

There are serveral videos by Carl Sagan available on You Tube which go into the cosmology found in the Hindu religion.  Go to You Tube and search for Carl Sagan on Hinduism.  You will be amazed at the superior insight the crafters of this ancient faith had over the concepts of the Western and Middle Eastern world.

Carl Sagan is gone from the world stage. Thanks to modern technology, his resounding voice of reason and intelligence has not been silenced as the proponents of superstitious ignorance might wish.

One of the greatest glories and fulfillments of evolved human intelligence is to question -- to toss out theories and prognostications and then to seek the facts that either prove or disprove them.

Adherents to superstitions have a different approach. They start with the conclusions their superstition endorses and then try to find or manufacture “facts” which support the superstition.

I've seen this mindset at work many times. It was very predominant in the old WCG, and it continues in the splinters as well as throughout the evangelical “Bible belt.” I've even heard it postulated by desperate sycophants that the speed of light and the speed of radioactive decay have changed over time.

It's certainly OK to question and theorize, but let's get real here! Scientific measurements don't change. OK, I know, light shows up as both waves and particles and it depends on the measurement method used, but light is always either a wave or a particle. Eventually, we'll figure out why it shows up both ways. If a particle can appear to show up in two places at the same time, there is a quantum reason we will come to understand thoroughly.

The universe operates by set laws and parameters. A gram or pound will still be a gram or pound tomorrow. A meter a meter. A degree Celsius will still be a degree Celsius tomorrow, or a million years in the future, etc., etc.

Radioactive decay was constant and stays constant. So does the speed of light.

In the past, I looked down on the “ignorant” Hindus – those poor deluded souls with their pantheon of gods and demi-gods. No more. Their pantheon is no more ignorant than the pantheon of christian saints! And, more saints are being beatified all the time. Hindu time scales are more reasonable than the biblical six thousand years or so since supposed creation.

If you read my blog on the “Famn Damily,” you know that the god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam had an origin in polytheism very similar to the multiple gods theism existing throughout the world, including India. Theists try to keep people from knowing or even suspecting that is the case, but the most highly educated among them are not ignorant of the facts. It just isn't in their self-interest to let the masses know about it. “Faith” must be preserved at all costs.

I'm doing my utmost, as Thomas Paine would if he were still here, to get the facts out so people will no longer be hoodwinked into worshiping something that doesn't exist in actual fact and never did.

Am I going to turn Hindu? Of course not! Superstitions are still superstitions and trading in my old god for many gods of equally human manufacture would be no bargain and would make no sense.

What I'm saying is that Hinduism, in some of its aspects, is more reasonable than any of the Abrahamic faiths. Their morality is not inferior to Western Abrahamic moralities. Their approach is a better match for scientific inquiry and advancement than is the predominant Abrahamic-based approaches of the West and Middle East. Witness the hostility of faith based school boards toward the teaching of evolution.

The originators of the Abrahamic faiths had to manufacture a vast litany of mythological nonsense to support their chauvinistic program of making their hereditary line something special ( the "chosen people"). They contrived genealogies, chronologies, divine covenants and histories that scholars are disproving every day.

I was totally amazed in reading The Origin of God by Laurence Gardner to find how much of Genesis was concocted out of whole cloth that bears little resemblance to the true history of civilization in the Middle East. Just because someone claims to write history and puts names and dates in place doesn't mean that history can be trusted.

There are histories being written and circulated right now that deny the World War II holocaust! Let those get enough coverage and perpetuation and one can only wonder what people might believe happened a few centuries from now.

When evaluating any history, one must determine what the agenda of the author or authors happened to be. Just because it makes it into print is no proof of authenticity. Lies aren't just spoken. They are also written and printed. There are a multitude of those lies in the Bible.

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