Friday, February 28, 2014


The rain has just barely started here. We had a shower, but much more is promised. It's about time. We've been high and dry since mid-December.

I feel sorry for anyone in California who might be in the path of a mudslide. Those are destructive and can be very deadly, but it's nothing new there. When I went to the Descanso Gardens in La Canada as a student, there were concrete barriers around several trees to isolate them from the mud which had flowed around them during an ash and mudslide following some fire and subsequent flooding from the foothills. That was in the late 1950s.

My great uncle also recounted serious mountain flooding that had destroyed cabins for some of his friends. So this is nothing new or out of the ordinary. It isn't some sudden judgement by some imaginary god, but I know some fanatics who will try to make it such. I was reading some of their blatherings earlier today.

We dig up bones of ancient creatures who got caught in similar events millions of years ago. This is a turbulent planet that is very geologically active and also very meteorologically active. Today, we know about any such happenstances almost immediately no matter where they occur and that leads people to believe each disaster is unprecedented. Not really. I think weather patterns are evolving as the planet heats up, but disasters are not some new phenomenon.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


(From Facebook.)

I'm headed out to do a small cleaning job that came in this morning, but before I do, I just have to get something off my chest.

That being the idea that people who sponsored that hateful bill in Arizona were really not hate filled.


It's the same attitude that led people throughout most of the USA to treat black people like the offscouring of the earth when I was a kid. They couldn't go into most restaurants, stay in decent motels and hotels when they traveled, couldn't use the same restrooms or water fountains, etc. -- on top of more and more heinous etceteras.

I was a kid in the late 1940s and my aunt had married a Texan veteran and returned with him to North Dakota. He and my father were walking down a street in Steele, North Dakota one day when a rare black man came along. Dad moved over and let the man pass on the sidewalk. My then uncle asked, "Why did you do that? He'll start thinking he's just as good as you!" He would have made him get off the sidewalk!

To claim that serving someone whose lifestyle you don't approve of is a violation of your religious liberty is just as heinous an attitude. If you don't believe in being homosexual, that's your business. Nobody is going to try to force you to cohabit with them. Refusing to treat them like an equal human being is pure hate, and once it starts, the end can be horrendous.

OK, I said it, and now I'm off.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Yeah, what is on my mind tonight? So many things it's hard to choose between them.

I just know that I feel that need to write again. It's the same urge that led our species to gather together into clans, villages, cities and nations. We need that pack-like atmosphere, whether around a village firepit, the local bar, a family dinner table, a club, church or lodge, etc. or, now, on twitter and the internet.

I was miserable stranded out there on that ranch as a kid. The only respite was from the work involved and the occasional trip to town or a rare visit by someone, usually many years my senior. I was socially backward and so damn lonely and frustrated. The hormones were driving me toward finding a mate, but the prospects weren't very good or encouraging.

My escape came through the cult that monopolized about two decades of my life. I have mixed feelings about that, but it did get me out of a totally nowhere place and made possible my eventual development.

Ambassador College was a rather poor excuse for a reputable institution of higher learning with theocaratic authoritarianism, superstition and mythology permeating everything, but it did extricate me from a social blackhole and give me the opportunity to develop my talents in communication. Some who know me now would be shocked to see me as I was in my late teens. Getting away from that limiting atmosphere was my salvation, much as I despise the connotations of that word.

As I've said before, I've lived many lives in this one life and each has had its part in making me who I am today. I doubt anyone is totally satisfied with everything that has transpired in their individual life. The variables and happenstances, Ill thought out decisions, etc. are inescapable. Everyone experiences a great variety, and as the years pile up, about the best we can conclude is that it was one hell of a ride!

Overall, I'm content. Regrets are few. Like that farmous tombstone said about another struggling human: Ive done my damnedest!

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The man I worked for yesterday recomended a new mexican restaurant here in Cottonwood and said it was the best he's ever found. Today, we went to try it out and found it closed with a sign on the door saying it was under lien for unpaid rent.

A year or so ago, it was a good Irish-style restaurant, but they apparently went under and this new enterprise decided to take over a pretty much made to order location.

As I understand, the owner has had a successful place in Jerome for some time and had expanded to another here in Cottonwood.

This just drove home to me again how hard it is to succeed in many businesses, especially if you try to branch out prematurely and inadvisedly and why I always avoided like the plague any business that required huge investments in things like rent, business licences and permits, etc., etc.

As soon as you open any kind of storefront business, scores of money sucking leeches are going to descend on you with their demand-hand out. They care not a damn whether you make it or not, they want their cut, and they want it right now.

I've survived for nearly four decades keeping a low profile and working a service-type business out of my home with minimum phone and advertising expense and studiously keeping my ambitions in balance with reality. It's the only way to go if you don't have significant capital and the ability to bring in the crowds with mass advertising. Even then, I had to be very careful.

I'm saddened that a local undertaking didn't make it and I hope that the original site in Jerome manages to survive what has to be a devastating setback.

Friday, February 21, 2014


I had a good cleaning job today and enjoyed it very much. My customer was a middle-aged colored man who has a successful dog training business that takes him many places because I assume he's an expert at what he does, just as I am at what I do.

He was surprised to find out I was an atheist, which sparked some conversation and my gifting him with a copy of my book. He wants to write a book on dog training, and if he continues with the project, I may be able to help him with some editing, etc. I'm prepared to make it reasonable enough for him to afford it because I love doing that sort of thing. I hope he looks into my blog and reads some of the pointed articles I've published over the years.

No longer do I hold back on stating my beliefs. That only gives the opposition control of the conversation so they can keep people ignorant and docile. As I pointedly explained to him, he's christian because his ancestors were brutally shanghaied and brought into this culture by force. Even his surname is English, not african. The same is true of my Yavapai Apache adopted step-son whose baptist baptism we attended just to show love and respect. What's a native american have to do with an imported Jewish messiah whose followers almost exterminated his ancestral people?

I'm an activist at heart. I'll always be so.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


What's with this human tendency to want evertything spelled out for them, for hard and fast rules for everything. History shows us that approach leads to regimentation and recurring rounds of tyranny of one form or another.

Religions just love rules and judgments and whole books of the bible are devoted to lists of them. They weren't definitive enough, so the Jews invented a talmud to make it even more intrusive and hard to live by.

I agree that love is the most important guiding principle, but I think the principle doctors try to live by is the best overall -- do no harm.

You don't have to memorize endless lists to put that into practice. All one has to do is ask: Will this hurt or diminish the happiness and well-being of anyone or anything?

If it will, just don't do it!


(From Facebook.)

Robert Reich, a man I deeply admire and respect, posted this this morning:

"Saying goodbye to my father felt especially poignant this time. He’d been looking forward to his 100th birthday party, wondering for years if he'd actually make it. The party was a big success: The entire family turned up, many old friends, even his doctor. And Dad danced -- not just once but several times, each time with a big grin on his face. But leaving him last night was especially hard. “When will I see you next?” he asked, puzzled and sad. “Soon!” I said. “But the party’s over,” he said, in a way that seemed far too definitive. I’m thankful we had a chance to celebrate his life when he could still be part of the celebration."

Now in my eightieth year, I know what was behind his father's question and his statement that the party was over. He realizes, as do I, that time is limited and the future is oh so tenuous.

I didn't get to see my own father and mother anywhere near enough in their final years, as the inevitable end crept nearer and nearer. Those were pre-internet and pre-Facebook years. Things are quite different now, and getting even more so with the passage of time.

My children tell me how much they enjoy what I write about what I'm thinking and doing. Time, distance and financial constraints limit face to face interaction, but I can still keep them and others who may be interested up-to-date with much of what transpires in my daily life, and they can do the same. It isn't quite the same as face-to-face, but it's certainly better than what used to be.

Robert will soon be in the same position as his father. It's inevitable, and it"s bittersweet. There's no escaping reality.


A lady by the name of Christina left a comment on the Non-believer website this morning, and it was so good that I want to repost it here:

"It's interesting how sad believers feel about our non-belief. Don't feel sad. Nothing has set me more free than arriving at non-belief. The crux of it is that we are all in the same position: limited by our human faculties and understanding and grasping for meaning. As an agnostic, I embrace the grasping and the understanding or lack of understanding as my human faculties, science, and the measurable world leave me. I see this as embracing the realities of my circumstances. I find it more freeing than guessing and making long lists of rules that are guesses based on myths and fictions written in books by numerous people who didn't have access to electron microscopes or satellites or the mapping of the human genome. They did the best they could - as do we all. But basing one's life on their writings, ascribing divinity to those writings, and behaving in the 21st century as if these writings should be taken in any way as literal maps for how we should live -- it's just odd. If we apply the same level of critical thought to our own religion of origin as we do to those of others (72 virgins, sacred cows, Zeus and Mt. Olympus), it's hard for me to understand how you arrive at the conclusion that everyone else's religion is irrational, but ours (Christianity) makes perfect sense. In that way, we're so much alike. We think exactly the same way about every world religion except one."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It sucks to be a loser! No way around it!

The Russians were so confident this was going to be their year to reclaim Olympic gold in hockey. They got thoroughly trounced by little Finland! How humiliating!

I can only speculate how thorough and painful the dressing downs have been from Putin and company. But, I got to thinking as I was chopping down some early spring grass with my old dependable Weedeater, how much more humiliating it must be to be so confidently sure that your god and your particular little schism of that god's following is the one and only true way and the only way that guarantees heaven when you finally realize that it just can't be so. I know it was for me. I was shaken from the top of my six-foot-six stature to the soles of my size 13 feet!

Muslims believe everybody except them are heretics and bound for damnation. Christians are absolutely sure of the same thing, and many of them are absolutely confident that anyone who doesn't follow their particular little denomination or sect are irretrievably lost unless they can somehow be converted. Sorry about that, they think, but my God won't be mocked, and you're going to fry -- even if I was too selfish to give more to send that missionary your way.

Hell has to be filled beyond capacity by now if all those fearful doctrines are true, and I think I have a better chance of winning the Powerball tonight with my one little ticket than anyone has of making it to heaven if all those condemnatory pronouncements are true.

I know. Deep down, most people don't really think that's true, especially about warring divisions within their own basic religion, but they're quick, if they're christians, to consign any member of "healthen" religions, (hindus, taoists, etc.) to that eternal bonfire.

Think about it. If you really believe that crap, you have about one in a gazillion chance of making it into paradise so you can sit in boring idleness and play a harp for eternity while gazing in rapture at your mind-boggling omnipotence of a "loving" god.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I bought Seth Andrews book, DEconverted, at the lecture Saturday hosted by our free thought group in Sedona and just finished it this morning. I seldom read a book that fast, but it was downright good and I couldn't put it down for long. Something he wrote in the last chapter is so good and so true that I'm going to quote it here:

"Think about it. Just a few decades ago, getting information often meant running an obstacle course for each and every answer to each and every question. You could certainly find what you needed if you had hours or days and lots of patience. But science books, history books, peer-reviews, medical journals and the lion's share of research-related information were often difficult to find and retrieve.

Presentations from our planeat's greatest minds used to remain mostly hidden inside universities and lecture halls. Now, thanks to the game-changing technology of the internet, the whole world is the lecture hall, and we're all invited to attend....We don't have an excuse for not doing our homework. Eor digging deeper. For checking facts and figures. For pursuing genuine understanding."

What he states is so true, and you will be deeply rewarded for seeking out his Facebook page, his blog and his YouTube videos. They,in turn, will lead you to even more enlightening sources.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


(From Facebook.)

It was a good lecture today, and I bought Seth Andrews book, DEconverted. We opened up for questions at the end and as could be expected, there was a young earth creationist who attempted to wax eloquent with his nonsense that was mainly centered on the supposed fact that life can only come from pre-existing life. He also maintained that multiple century lifespans, talking asses and serpents, etc. were absolute truths.

It's true that we have not yet been able to replicate the creation of life from inanimate elements and the only life we are now aware of has to have its origin in pre-existing life. Maybe we never will be able to do so, but I'm not so sure. One thing I do know is that any research in that area has to be carefully controlled lest we unleash something on the world neither we nor the eco system is ready to deal with. We're going to also have to be very careful about bringing anything back from other celestial environments since our experiences in taking things like mosquitos to Hawaii in water barrels carried on ships and other invasive life forms to other places has been catastrophic enough. Something from outer space could be immeasurably more disastrous!

It's a stupid argument carried to its ultimate, since a deity would have to also come from something that pre-existed it, etc., etc. We just don't know how the universe arose, but this video I just listened to brings up some interesting possibilities to further bogle the mind: More
Lawrence Krauss: A Universe from Nothing
Why is there something, rather than nothing? This question has long been the domain of philosophers and theologians, but science can now finally weigh in. Ph...


(From Facebook.)

Life is so good right now. We don't pay much attention to Valentine Day, but I've never loved or appreciated my Phyllis more. We got a call from the doctor's office today to tell her there is no sign of that kidney infection. Now, she needs to build her strength back up with a little exercise and get to feeling fit again.

I keep hearing of people in their 80s suddenly departing from this life and that makes me feel a little insecure, since this is my eightieth year. I don't think I'm in imminent danger of dropping dead, but there's no way I expect to survive to 100. That's kind of sobering when I think of how fast the last few years have flown by. Whatever more I can do, I'd better get cracking on doing it. That's one of the reasons I write so steadily. If I don't say what I have to say, it will one day soon be too late.

I didn't deeply mourn my own parents when their lives ended. I don't want those who survive me to deeply mourn me either. It's the cycle of life that's been going on for millions of years, and hopefully, it will go on for millions of years more. One day, I'll no longer be here and their turn will also come, I hope many years from now, but there's no way of knowing for certain.

Right now, I'm heading to bed, and tomorrow I'm off to Sedona where our free thought group is sponsoring a lecture by Seth Andrews host of "The Thinking Atheist."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have some new predictions to make this morning, based on an article that just showed up online about those fucking republicans and that damnable confederate, still stuck in the Civil War and white and upper class superiority and dominance tea party just did to desperate Americans into whose backs they've just stuck another knife.

I predict we're going to see a rash of suicides from people who are so beaten down they conclude death is better than what they are enduring. Other desperate individuals are going to resort to crime and end up furthering weakening our social and economic fabric by being sent to prison.

I wish I could be absolutely certain that I could predict a massive defeat for these reprehensible bastards at the polls come November, but beaten down people are unpredictable, witness how captive people often end up siding with their captors.

I have to get ready to go do a little job now. I could live without it, but there are a whole lot of people not as lucky as I am, and SOBs like the Koch bros resent my good fortune and would take it away if they could. Believe me. They'll keep on trying.

Here's the article to which I'm referring:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Patch, patch, patch! That's all you can count on in these latter years of our lives. My little sweetie had to have a capped tooth pulled today and will be needing a small partial to fill in similar to the big one I have on my lower jaw. She's having to use the pain pills she was given and won't be eating anything too hard for a few days.

That shadow of the former me gets longer and darker as time goes on. I'm seeing my father's fading very personally now. We all know it's going to come, but it's still shocking as it creeps up on us. I know that a couple generations previously, Phyllis woud already have departed just due to her heart condition. Modern medicine brought that under control and it's helping me stave off the inevitable too. Still, there's only so much that can be treated and thwarted. I'm sure Shirley Temple Black had medical care second to none, but she's gone and she was only six years my senior.

I'm not really fearful, just resigned. Overall, it's been an OK ride, at least for the past 4 decades. No deep regrets either. I feel I did acceptably well considering the hand I was dealt and some of the dumb ways I played it early on. Of course, in hindsight, I could have done better numerous times, and I'm sure Shirley would have said the same thing. It's futile to dwell on that.

I like Truman's quote of the old tombstone which said, "Here lies ____. He done his damnedest." Whoever scatters my ashes can say something like that about me.

Monday, February 10, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Those long walks with the dogs and cutting my food consumption seems to be working. Another half pound drop this morning.

More extreme science is showing up with those of questionable credentials claiming we're heading into another ice age. Hell, we could have claimed that in the 1950s when we had some horrific winters in the upper Midwest. Just about bankrupted my dad by the loss of much of his cattle herd. Just give an unusual jet stream path and those who want to be deniers will run wild with bogus proclamations.

I have a prediction of my own. We're going to have an horrifically hot summer with more heat related deaths than ever and unprecidented droughts and floods all over the place. The whole damn planet is convulsing and trying to achieve a state of equilibrium. I'm betting on earth succeeding, regardless of what happens to the human infestation. It's weathered extinction event on top of extinction events and keeps rolling merrily along blissfully unaware of our desires and intentions -- or our ill-founded opinions.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


What is real? What does quantum Physics really tell us about ultimate reality?

I've been doing my best to live in reality and understand it going on 80 years now. I thought I had it all figured out about 60 years ago and found out after twenty some years of that folly that I'd only fallen for the bullshit flooding out of a master conman's big mouth.

Since then, I've been through all kinds of theories and know-it-all protestations about ultimate reality from a multitude of sources. There's no shortage of gurus and self-assured authorities who will assure everyone they have the key to understanding and the ultimate truth about everything. Some of them have gone so far as to unwisely promote things like sweat lodges which ended up killing a bunch of people and putting one well-meaning but very unwise teacher in a prison cell.

I really have no ambition to be one of those know-it-all "authorities." I've learned my lesson by getting embroiled with a few of them. I've read Neil Donald Walsh's books and can't abide his claims at automatic writing from some supernatual source. I've been through "The Secret" DVDs. Some good positive thinking there, but it's not the coveted answer to everything.

Now, there are books and videos out on the holographic universe. I respect quantum physicists and wish I could join them in their studies, but I'm not ready to just accept any "wooo, wooo" they come up with either. I'll keep on studying that series of videos ( I'm now ready for number 4. But, no way am I falling for another pat answer when there is so much clear and pure speculation involved at the moment. I'm glad physicists are studying it, not religionists. At least they aren't going to tell me they have all the answers and if I don't accept their pronouncements, something horrible will happen to me.

Oh, yes, nearly forgot the most important part of all: Give more money!


Why do I bother?

I and other thinking people keep hammering away at the idiocies of religion and politics, and It seems like nothing basically changes. I see the same stupid lies and platitudes being flung about by the same gullible people and the entrenched special interests. It's like chipping away at granite with a feather!

People are sitting in millions of churches today emotionally stultifying their minds on the same old myths and fairy tales that have been promulgated for centuries while they throw money that could be used far better on their own and societies welfare in the black hole of the collection plate. Rush Limbaugh is gearing up for another week of inanities and outright lies that unfathomable multitudes are going to buy into without a single question.

It's discouraging, but I have to keep at it, realizing that not too long ago, I was in that camp, only I was there on Saturdays. Same damn mythological reason, a Seven-day creation that never happened! I also fell for republicanism for a while. Proves anybody can be a dumbass.

I grew out of it, thanks to dedicated people who kept putting the facts out there for me to find, so I'm going to square my tired shoulders and carry on. Phyllis just pointed out the cheering fact that Romney lost that last presidential election. We'd be in a world of hurt and crap if he hadn't. At least, it's a little less deep and horrible than it would have been otherwise. We'd be sending more young men into a meatgrinder called Iran or Syria by now.

Now, let's get rid of that worse than do nothing congress that's even worse than the one Harry Truman had to contend with.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Another eye opener today.

I've mentioned before how advantageous it has been to us to have a new Medicare Plus insurance provider, Phoenix Health Plans. Last year, we had to pay co-pays even for generics through AARP endorsed United Health Care. That all ended at the first of this year, saving us a bundle, and they were going to sock each of us $28 per month for the "privilege" of having their plan.

Phyllis has to have a blood thinner and under our old plan, she got Pradaxa at a reduced rate of $185 every three months. Our new plan doesn't cover Pradaxa, so the doctor switched her to Coumadin, and we picked up the first supply today.

No copay! Absolutely free to us! That gives us over $60 freed up money every month!

I guess Pradaxa is better in some ways, but at least Coumadin is not Warfarin, which a former friend calls "rat poison" and blames for the premature death of his sister. I'm sure the doctor will keep on top of everything and make sure Phyllis is OK. He's very thorough.

Corporations are now the source of a new royal class in our society. Getting to be one of the privileged royals involves getting into the ruling elite of a corporation, where the CEO becomes the king or queen with a retinue of self-important lackeys sucking on the corporate tit. Exceptions, like Costco, are rare. I'm sure Phoenix Health Plans is another of those rarities.

I don't begrudge anyone a good living for hard work and expertise, but lets be realistic here. Nobody deserves or earns a salary that gives them thousands of times what an average hard working person earns. That piracy has warped our entire economic structure and is destroying the Ameriican dream.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


(From Facebook.)

I just posted the article that relates the fact that there is no archaelogical evidence of camels anywhere in Israel prior to the 9th century BCE, yet the Bible associates camels with Abraham who is supposed (if he was an actual personage) to have existed about 11 centuries prior to that time.

People of faith just aren't bothered by such obvious lies and manufactures. They can slide right off it with any number of deceitful stratagems and assure us that it doesn't mean a damn thing because the bible wasn't meant to be historically accurate. Well, if it isn't historically accurate where it purports to record history, just how can any thinking human being consider it accurate in anything else?

If I'm bargaining with some contractor or workman and find out he's lied about his qualifications in some area, would I be sane to hire the deceiver? Maybe a fool would, but I try not to be a fool!

That's not the only historical manufacture. The whole book of Joshua is a ridiculous account that never could have happened. Why? Because the Canaan of that supposed time was an integral part of the Egyptian Empire that was defended by several powerful Egyptian garrisons. Wonder of wonders, those Egyptian troops just miraculously stepped aside and let a wandering band of desert nomads waltze in and take over. THAT'S HOGWASH!

Never happened! It's another bastard attempt at historical fiction that wouldn't even qualify for B movie status with any true historian!

Any person who wants to base their beliefs on such a book of proven lies is welcome to their delusion. I spent several decades in that deluded state, but no more. Again, if I didn't need to quote that stupid lying book once in awhile to attack it, I'd burn it!


The Olympics begin tonight in Sochi. I think it's going to be a big blotch on olympic history -- all because of religious fanaticism. I know there's no way I would book any kind of transportation to Russia right now, even if I had the economic resources to finance it. Why risk my life so some islamist fanatics can flex their terrorist muscles?

Maybe I'll watch an occasional event if there isn't something more interesting on just out of curiosity. I'm not really into winter sports, or any other sports for that matter. That's largely due to the fact that I never got embroiled in sports as a young man, so there isn't that emotional connection -- and also why I haven't been limited by and had to nurse along sports injuries all my life. One pays a price for momentary "glory."

Winning the Olympics is going to turn out to be a gigantic finacncial loss for Russia. It provides a stage for fanatics to try to further their cause and gain attention. I'd normally sympathize with someone seeking autonomy for their people, but not when it involves substituting religious tyranny for the original soviet tryranny. Tyranny is tyranny, after all, and nothing is worse than a religious tyranny.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


(From Facebook.)

I have some studying and thinking to do, not that I expect to solve something that has career physicists scratching their heads. I'm referring to the video my friend, Dennis Deahl, put up both here and on the Banned by HWA blog about the holographic universe. Piqued my curiosity, and it will take some time to follow up with the rest of the videos, reading, etc.

The very idea that we exist in a universe akin to the holodeck on Star Trek strikes me as far out and impossible. Reality is just too real to be nothing but a projection. I know, we can produce holograms, but they have no real physical substance, and to me, it's a stretch for one hologram to produce another.

You and I and everything around us, including bodies in the immense depths of the universe, do have substance, even if most of that substance is indeed empty space. Frankly, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that something like a hammer or axe head is mostly empty space, but it is. I can still sharpen it and use it to chop up a tree that is also mostly empty space.

There has to be an answer to this, and frankly, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I hope I can come back as a physicist and maybe solve this thing. With my luck, somebody else will probably beat me to it in the meantime, just like some lucky sob always beats me to that coveted lottery prize.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Another sobering announcement online this morning and also from my sister. An old associate recently died from untreated prostate cancer at age 90. I don't know if he was still hanging with the old denouncement of medical treatment or not. He never got away from the cult, going through two of the splinters in that futile effort to stay loyal to "god's truth."

He was a good man. Most people are deep down. They sincerely try to do right as they see it.

How many million versions of "right" has the human race been afflicted with throughout its history? I'm sure the south sea cannibal was convinced of his rightness as he or she devoured some hapless fellow human. The inquisitor was convinced of his rightness too as he broke some poor unfortunate on the rack, burned them at the stake or slit their throat.

Those self-righteous idiots I see picketing in front of Planned Parenthood are convinced of their rightness too and they would scream in absolute indignation at any woman who wanted to use birth control so she and her husband could enjoy the beautiful bonding and fulfillment of safe sex without conceiving a child they know they can't properly provide for.

Logical thinking is not championed or furthered in most of this world. If it had been, maybe I would have had the reasoning power to throw Herbert Armstrong's lying garbage in the receptacle it belonged in. Leroy Neff didn't have the awareness to do it at any point in his life.

Ok, tea partyists and fundamentalists, you can have at me now. See if I care.