Thursday, March 29, 2012


My daughter called my attention to an ecard that got me thinking. It showed two guys talking. One said: "That was a very well laid out rational point. But, I will still hold to my emotional opinion based on no facts or evidence."

All of us non-theists encounter that attitude constantly, either in person or via print. It's called faith, which Greta Christina has defined as "an irrational attachment to a pre-existing idea regardless of any evidence that contradicts it."

Why would otherwise intelligent and highly capable people cling to such irrationality? Indeed, why did many of us, in our deluded pasts, cling to the same approach?

Pure and simple, it's FEAR. Nearly all human beings are walking bags of fear! Fear is a tremendous motivator, and political and religious "leaders" take full advantage of that fact.

We fear what might happen to us and our health and economic security in this present life, and we especially fear what might happen to us when this life is over. We possess our wonderful awareness that our animal cousins of varying degrees have no inkling about. Our beloved little dogs are aging every day and, without us, they would be up that proverbial creek with no paddle or anything else. Are they aware of their precarious position?

Not in the least. They sometimes show fear and anxiety, but not in the same way or degree as us humans.

We humans are filled with concerns, worries and anxieties. They motivate us every day.

We had occasion to spend some time with a dear friend of my wife early this week. She's in her early sixties and has clawed and worked her way to the position of executive head of the Arizona chapter of a famous and important national organization. Her husband is also a successful man with an important and high paying position with a major company. They're wonderful people and our stay with them was a delightful mini-vacation.

As I look back on the visit, I see that, for all the success and the seeming security of their position, fear looms over their lives, just as it looms over the lives of every other human being.

When Phyllis first became fast, lifelong friends with her, she was a stuggling female "working stiff" and an ardent democrat. Now she's a fanatic Republican and denounces Obama as "that socialist." We basically just listened to her tirades and tried to figure out her reasoning.

Her husband is a non-believer similar to Phyllis and I, but she clings emotionally to the concept of a god and an after-life.


Fear. She is afraid that what she has striven and sacrificed for will be diminished or taken away by "socialism." She's knows she's going to die one day and desperately wants for that not to be the end of everything. In case there is a "hanging god" judge and a real hell, continuing to at least pay lip service to him protects against that eventuality, or so people hope.

Do I worry about what the future may hold? Of course I do. I wouldn't be human if I didn't. I have the awareness, so I have the concerns.

I've just progressed to the point where I don't have to resort to irrational belief systems for comfort. Instead, I realize that what a former friend said about fifty years ago when I was commenting on my insecurities is a truth. That friend pointed out that even if everything "went south" for me, I would survive because of the social programs then in place to provide for those who were victims to total deprivation, however marginal that survival might be.

Since I realize there is no big "sugar daddy" up there somewhere and there likely is no existence beyond this brief life, I simply do the best I can each and every day, try to take care of myself and my health and keep the big picture in mind as much as I humanly can.

It sure beats being a bundle of corrosive fears and letting those fears tie me up mentally and emotionally.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I just have to say more about the subject of my previous blog. There is a definite reason why the US looks so nutty to much of the rest of the world.

The reason we look like we're nuts is that far too many Americans are certifiably nuts!

They are nuts because they've been deluded and brainwashed into accepting religion! Religion is nuts! Those who blindly follow religion are nut cases!

I used to follow religion blindly. I now see that I was a bona fide NUT JOB!

I believed evolution was a lie. That's totally nuts!

I believed the entire Bible was inspired and absolute truth. That's totally nuts!

People who believe any religious malarky -- of any religion -- are NUTS!

There are more of those certifiable NUTS in the USA than anywhere else in the Western world!

We didn't start out that way. As I mentioned in a previous blog, only 10 to 15 percent of Americans were church goers in 1800. We were a secular nation, for the most part. Our ancestors could think. Too many of their descendants have lost their ability to think logically and to question.

From that sane beginning, we have let the god merchants hornswoggle us into becoming a nation of "faith based" idiots -- so much so that no politician would stand a chance in any election if he dared to say he or she was not a person of "faith."

It's a sad -- and frightening -- situation.


I've had a lot to say about the christofascists and their assault on the liberties our founding fathers championed and fought for. It horrifies me that Americans can tolerate, let alone support, the hateful likes of Santorum, Romney, Robertson, etc., etc. The nauseum of the plethora of and public acceptance of such self-righteous, hateful, totally dumb and unprincipled people is manifold and unending.

I just happened on a piece written by a very wise and eloquent woman about the assault on women's rights. It says it all much better than I, a mere man, could even attempt to say it. I hope you will read it here:


In the event you are not a fan of Greta Christina and would miss her latest blog on heaven being evil, just as the concept of hell is evil, I want to refer you all to it:

I came to the conclusion long ago that the concept of heaven and hell was a ridiculous mythological delusion. It's taken much longer to realize that they are destructive delusions for a variety of reasons.

Rather than pontificate further, I urge you to read this fine post and the multitude of inciteful comments that accompany it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I just read a very inciteful statement by a young lady named Megan Foley on Pharyngula. She was explaining why she's an atheist and this statement rang a bell with me: "Because the universe is all the more beautiful without any gods and their magic pointing fingers poofing things into existence."

That simple quote strikes me as wonderfully inciteful and profound. It cuts right to the heart of the matter, a place I now instinctively strive to attain.

Children are prone to believe in magic. Adults should have long ago ceased to believe in such nonsense. They might not understand the intricacies of the "trick," but they know a trick is involved.

If it weren't for the nonsense of religion, adults with a smattering of science education would reject magic totally, including the divine magic of their chosen deity. They wouldn't give a moments credence to any god speaking and magically bringing universes and life into existence. Creationists do it all the time and their superstition fills the minds of all too many politically powerful individuals.

Magical gods harbored in the deluded thinking of politically powerful people are a threat to civilization and human well-being and survival.

Reality has to replace superstitious magic or civilization itself is in peril.

Thursday, March 15, 2012



The moment I have chafed and lobbied for has arrived!

Obama and "Attack Dog" Biden are on the offensive! They're about to kick some Republican ass, ala World War II classic battles -- and Harry Truman.

I was going to study for my upcoming insurance sales exam but Biden's voice came over MSNBC and grabbed me. He really let those lying, christofascist, woman denigrating Rethug assholes have it. Obama, in his characteristically humorous way got in some telling licks as well.

I saw video clips of the true history of the last three years that I predict will go viral. (See the complete video here:

Ed Schultz just showed a chart of where the incomes of the top one percent have gone as compared to the flat line of all the rest of us while these disgusting super-rich gangsters and banksters plan to raise the taxes of people earning $30,000 or less while cutting them by multiple percentage points for those in the one percent aristocracy.

It's time for the lies and deceptions to be exposed. I now see why Obama has been low key most of the time while he built up his arsenal of truth and accomplishments. Like a skillful general, he's been gathering the facts on his enemies, and he's ready for frontal, flanking and all other kinds of attacks. I can't wait for Romney to be nominated and have his stupid "let them go bankrupt" pronouncement rammed down his self-righteous mormon throat, along with a plethora of other embarrassing and disgusting facts.

GM is NUMBER ONE in the world today!

They either have or nearly have paid back all the money advanced to them. Where is the recoup of all the billions Dubya blew on military adventurism to keep the military industrial complex fat and healthy?


I'm going to go pour myself a stiff brandy toast to celebrate! Join me with your favorite libation or whatever happens to be handy. I don't have a good scotch right now.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I enjoy Edwin Kagin and his "Blasphemous Blogging" site. He comes up with some really good stuff.

Here's a snipet of what he just posted on Easter: "If Jesus rose from the dead, and if he went to Heaven, and if Heaven is outside the known universe, and if the laws of nature invented by god apply to god, then Jesus could not travel faster than the speed of light. If he left for Heaven two thousand years ago, he isn’t there yet, and won’t be there for some time. Therefore, we really need not concern ourselves at this point about his return to earth. Presumably he will return sometime after he gets there."

Since the universe has been around for more than 13 billion years and we can't be sure we've peered back in time long enough to see the edge of it yet, I'm guessing the sun will have exhausted itself and will have long ago expanded to incinerate the earth before that trip is anywhere near over -- just the one-way leg of it.

Now, theories about "warp drive" do exist, but, c'mon. Just how much can space be warped? Maybe we could get smart enough to develop wormholes, but they are also only theoretical -- and probably limited in scope. They might or might not be possible and/or practical.

I know. God can supposedly do anything. According to the northern europeans, so could Thor. According to the Greeks, Zeus could too. Substitude the mythology of your choice. It's equal opportunity mythological nonsense time.

All the mythologies, including those about Yahweh and the rest of the Elohim were built around the world and heavens known to the illiterate bronze age goat herders and camel jockeys of that time who had no inkling of the vastness of the cosmos we've only come to understand in some of its vastness during the last century. We still have a lot to discover and begin to fathom!

Poor Jesus. He can't be out of this galaxy yet! And, if he's limited to communicating by the speed of light, he can't even bug dad as to why he aint there yet.

Hmmmm. Now, how about all those prayers people are so confident God, Jesus, saints, etc. hear? Those saints left some time after Jesus did, so they haven't even caught up to him yet.


Sean Faircloth points out in his book, Attack of the Theocrats, that only 10 to 15 percent of Americans were church members in 1800. Those were the days of the great Enlightenment that had swept the world and the days during which thousands of colonists, or their immediate forefathers, had fled the religious oppression so rampant in Europe. Religion was suspect and people with sharp memories of the horrors their immediate ancestors had escaped weren't inclined to listen to the siren song of religious hucksters.

The scepticism declined slowly, but decline it did under the constant onslaught of circuit preachers and missionary zeal of every slant and type. The propaganda has been so insidiously effective that today, the average American is absolutely certain that our "founding fathers" were devout religious individuals who set out to establish a "Christian America."


That's a total lie!

Thomas Jefferson stated: "Religions are all alike -- founded upon fables and mythologies." Again, "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature." Yet again, "Christianity is 'our particular superstition.'" I particularly like his statement that the Christian clergy dreads "the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight." That's certainly representative of the dominant attitude throughout the "Bible Belt.

There was no "Bible Belt" in 1800! This country began as a nation of free thinking sceptics!

James Madison was just as pointed and incendiary in his statements. He pointedly stated, "In no instance have...the churches been guardians of the liberties of the people." We see ample demonstration of that in modern efforts to stifle and outlaw stem cell research, birth control, LGBT rights and freedoms and to impose religious indoctrination in our public schools.

Madison saw clearly that "Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." Also, that "Religion...has been oftener a motive to repression than a restraint from it."

Nothing has changed since he penned, "During almost 15 centuries has the legal extablishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry, and persecution."

Among our founders, the drive to separate the new union from the corrosive influence of religions was passionate. Now, we have descended to the point that W. A. Criswell who was selected by Ronald Reagan to deliver the benediction for the 1984 Republican National Convention stated that the separation of church and state "is the figment of some infidel's imagination."

Jefferson and Madison, not to mention Thomas Paine, Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and a host of other esteemed Americans, are now haughtily relegated to the category of "infidels!" And, nothing has improved since 1984.

It's gotten worse!

I could go on with many other foundational quotes from other great Americans, but this is getting to be a long blog. You can get them all by purchasing and reading Sean's eye-opening book and find many more with a simple online search of what our esteemed national leaders of the past have stated. Even as late as Barry Goldwater, the onslaught of religion was resisted and repudiated.

The point is that descendants of those esteemed men of the past have been hornswoggled into believing in the complete antithesis of what were the driving precepts and beliefs they held. For the most part, they completely rejected the haughty certitude of religious hucksters and prognosticators.

Their descendants feel alienated from society if they don't kowtow to some religious ism or other. They've even come to believe that they can't be a loyal, patriotic citizen unless they bow and scrape to some manufactured and totally ludicrous deity.

It's time for Americans to reawaken to the peril they face!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I had occasion to mention in an email to the daughter of an old friend who was a co-cultist with me in the old Worldwide Church of God and he and his daughter have now devolved back to traditional Christianity, that I was an atheist, she self-righteously wrote back and consigned me to hell if I didn't repent.

The old "intimidate through fear" ploy! If you can't dazzle someone with your supposed billiance, try to baffle them with fearful bullshit.

We no longer correspond, and the father took offense with my blogs (he's an ardent creationist who imagines himself an anthropologist -- a physically blind one yet) has by his own request exited my list of contactees.

I'm certain they both think I'm a bitter, unhappy old curmudgeon who spends his days thinking hateful thoughts -- in short, totally miserable and headed for unimaginable misery when it soon now is going to be all over for me.

Truth is, I've never had a happier, freer, more satisfying existence.

When I was caught up in religion, I thought I was happy but my life was an endless round of tension and concern. As I look back on it, I now see that I was in constant fear of not measuring up and ending up in that horrible "lake of fire."

Day to day life was no picnic either. In the cult, one felt the judgmental eyes of the exalted overseers everywhere and the absolute conviction that whatever they might miss, the great "sky fairy" certainly wouldn't.

By the time all the tithes and offerings were deducted, there wasn't enough left to buy a decent suit of clothes or go out to eat.

A discontented and Judgmental wife made day to day living a literal misery.

Letting that all go and getting my head screwed on a whole lot straighter has changed my life to one of joy and contentment.

My time is now my own as I don’t worry about what day of the week it is when I want to do something. There was no seven-day creation week by any god, so screw the sabbath.

My money is my own as I don’t feel obligated to give a lion’s share of it to sustain the extravagant lifestyles of pompous liars who claim to be the special representatives of that great sky fairy.

My short life is my own as I no longer worry about what is going to happen to me after it’s over and I no longer “search the scriptures” to make sure how I’m living won’t offend the great sky fairy who magically knows the intimate details of the private lives of billions of people and takes personal umbrage about what they do.

In short, all the tension and fear has gone. Every day is full of joy and interest.

Ah, sweet peace!