Thursday, June 23, 2011


There was a blog entry this morning on Banned by HWA about people being caught up in the seventh day sabbath argument and doctrine.  I agree that it is a foolish argument, but not for any theological reasoning involved.  As I stated in one of my aricle comments, theology and theological arguments no longer impress me and I'm loath to spend much time on them.

There is no end to theological debate.  All the gods of theology, Christian and non-Christian, are fictional coneptual idols hatched in the minds of men.  I've pointed that out repeatedly in several blog articles:;;

My goal is to get back to the root and the trunk that supports the fictional tree.  Chop it down and dig up the roots if you want to be truly free. 

The same is true for all the fictitious gods and scriptures of  Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Mormonism or any other religious ism extant.

I'm sure I frustrate some of my fellow bloggers by constantly calling attention to the root facts that the Bible is a ridiculous fictional book about an impossible fictional god.  I'm not going to waste time on their theological arguments and musings.  Read my biographical book if you want to understand my approach more:


  1. "the Bible is a ridiculous fictional book about an impossible fictional god"

    Amen brother!

  2. Yes! I've been harping on this root of the tree argument ever since I left. This puts the lie to the meme (popularized by ESN, no doubt), that ex-Armstrongists often become atheists because of some aspect of Armstrongism they are clinging to. It's absurd. Folks like that just can't comprehend what it means to follow the evidence where it leads, so they project their own weaknesses onto others, making themselves bigots in the process. Indeed, as you put it, "theology is a waste."