Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Shades of McCarthyism and the cold war!

Will the stupidity never end?

Just be a progressive, ala Teddy Rossevelt or FDR, and the idiots on the right will label you a card carrying communist.

On what basis?

On the basis of their own idiotic and warped thinking!

If you don't goose step to their ultra conservative, right-wing tune, prepare to be denounced as the lowest of the low as far as their world-view is concerned. If anything favors the savaged 99% who are not among the privileged rich aristocracy, it's automatically relegated to socialism, and the worst of all socialism -- communism.

I guess that makes me a communist, although I've never been acquainted with a known communist and wouldn't even know or want to find out where to start to get in touch with the Communist Party, which is not exactly a monolithic entity here in the USA -- and most of the rest of the world.

My shock, indignation and, thus this blog, resulted from this article I just read:

Can anybody really be that stupid?

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