Thursday, December 13, 2012


I Just got back from picking up some morning purchases at an estate sale to hear the news that the latest rethug hatchet job on a decent and eminently qualified lady, Susan Rice, by the Asshole right has succeeded.  She has withdrawn herself from nomination as Secretary of State.

Chief among her hatchet job aficianados was so-called war hero, John McCain.  You may bow down to old John -- not me.  He cost the United States multiple millions of dollars in jet aircraft through his ineptitude as a pilot, long before he was shot down by the enemy, possibly largely because of that same ineptitude.  He almost drowned in one of those accidents becuse he didn't know where the eject button was!  He had to rip off the canopy by "main strength and awkwardness!  Likely, playboy John was so hung over when he was instructed about its location that the instruction never registered in his alcohol-befuddled brain.

You may praise him as a hero, if you wish.  I don't.  I considered him a pampered rich party-boy "fuckup" who never would have lasted in the Navy if he hadn't been an admiral's son.  His fuckup nature was amply demonstrated by his 2008 vice presidential choice of Sarah Palin -- a totally dumb, clueless incompetent.  On reflection, they were well met.

Included with one of the dog kennels I bought was a little crock rolling around on the padding.  I chuckled when I saw "crock of shit" written on the side.  It's not going with the kennel when I resell it.  I'm putting it on my desk, and everything that comes to me from a republican or religious source is going in it.  After an accumulation, I'll put it through my cross shedder, then melt some parafin wax, place the paper in a suitable form and pour the wax over it.  Then I can sit by my chiminea and watch all that "bullshit" burn.

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