Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Controlling, opinionated and hateful people are a great big pain in the ass!
We went to WalMart today for some shopping. As usual, we took our Poms with us and sat with them on the bench just inside the entrance and cart area. As soon as we appeared, some hateful woman complained to the greeter that they were allowing dogs in the store and he told me it might be best if I didn't bring them next time.
I'm not one to bow to that sort of thing and objected to some bitch with a bad attitude destroying all the joy we and so many others get out of those little dogs and certainly the joy they get. People have learned to look for them and fall over them in joyful petting, dog kisses, etc. So, I told him that until the management told me to cease and desist, I intended to keep on bringing them and sitting in that entrance area where they store carts and welcome shoppers. We never take them into the store proper, but many do and claim they are service dogs whether they really are or not.
The manager happened by a few minutes later and the greeter mentioned the situation to him. He said not to worry about it. So, we're home free for now.
No matter what people do, some scowl-faced busybody is sure to try to take all the joy out of other people's lives based on their personal quirks, beliefs and prejudices. Those dogs live for trips out like this. They've never even growled at a human being in their entire lives. It's two-way love, and the world needs a whole lot more of that!

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