Monday, March 7, 2011


There is a new article out this morning on Huffington Post:

In this article, Rabbi Adam Jacobs claims to present a reasonable argument for the existence of God.  I thought maybe he'd have something new, so I brought up the article, only to find that it's the same old drivel I and others have thoroughly repudiated over and over.

Basically, its the old saw about life being too complicated to have arisen by chance, so a god had to have done it. 

He totally ignores the obvious fact that, if life is too complicated to have originated by chance, where in heaven or hell or whatever did a vastly more complicated form of life he calls "god" just happen to magically appear?

It's only about 150 years since we began to have the tools and awareness to start our search for the true origins.  In that time, we've made marvelous strides toward ultimate answers and the faith based pronouncements of religion have come out on the losing end time after time. 

They've had thousands of years to provide clear and demonstrable proofs and all they have to offer is the same old blatherings of priests, scribes and prophets who well may have been suffering from frontal lobe epilepsy of some sort, certainly motivated by a desire to preserve their exalted status among the population.  All they can retort is something like:  "Ok, we were wrong on that but how do you answer this, Mr. smarty pants evolutionist?"  Then, they bring up something scientists are still investigating that their religion purports to answer -- conveniently without any scientific proof whatsoever.

Nice try, Rabbi.  However, there are a few of us who demand real meat on those weathered old bones.

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