Monday, February 6, 2012


It's sad. Yet, it's true. 

A Thomas Jefferson, James Madison or Abraham Lincoln -- even a Barry Goldwater -- could not get even nominated today as a candidate for president of the United States.  Forget getting elected!


Because none of them would lower themselves to kissing the asses of the religious and falsely claiming to believe their nonsense.

Sean Faircloth quotes extensively from all the esteemed people I listed above in his book, Attack of the Theocrats.  If those quotes issued from the mouths or pens of any politician today, it would be political poison and they might as well pack it in and go home.  They wouldn't have the chance of that proverbial snowball in hell of getting elected to anything!

If you doubt what I'm saying consider the well researched facts presented in this article:

Many of us are getting sick and tired of being denounced and vilified by people who want to keep us locked in some closet and afraid to state our honest opinions.  Nothing quenches that fear faster than knowing one is not alone, that there are plenty of others with the same convictions.  That's why I am working so hard to get a free thinking humanist/atheist group going here in Sedona and the Verde Valley. 

If someone reads what I have written and is in that very isolated and uncomfortable position, take heart.  Until about four months ago, I, too, felt very isolated.  Now, I know several here in my community and throughout the state of Arizona who share my opinions and lack of faith in fairy tales.

I contacted Meetup and ran an ad under groups on Craig's List.  Yesterday, over twenty of us met at a home in Sedona (which I cover in my previous blog).  By the end of this month, we will have settled on the exact nature of the group we are starting and ready to give it a formal name.

I would now go to the websites of organizations like Secular Coalition for America, American Humanist Association and look for free thinkers sites in my state.  I'd scour the web because I now know there are dozens of others and multiple organizations out there or organizations which can be organized in my area.  Key words do wonders when one is looking and our greatest tool and ally is the internet.

I feel a very real spirit of dedication and zeal taking hold.  No longer are we going to be hiding in some cramped closet or relegated to the back of the bus.  We have things to say, and we are going to be heard!  A great many aren't going to like that one bit.  That's just too bad!

The spirit of our founding fathers is back -- live and well!

Get ready to hear from us, theocrats!


  1. Real GUSTO in your style here, attacking the theocrats. I like it!!

  2. I have not yet begun to write, Mark. I was born to it and enjoy every moment.