Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Chris Christie summed up the Republican attitude when he told CNN's Pierce Morgan, "He should just write [the government] a check and shut up,"

He was referring to Warren Buffett's statements that he and other billionaires and millionaires should be taxed at a rate equal to those with lesser incomes.

Christie and his wealthy cronies don't like to hear calls for fairness. They want to keep riding high while they financially rape everyone else and merrily skip along f+++ing the middle and lower classes.

Damn right there's a class war going on! It's been going on for a long time now. Thanks to Norquist and his ilk, everybody but the super rich have been and are getting a screwing of disgusting proportions.

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  1. Great quick punch here, Al. So direct and so clear! Sorry I've missed reading some of these new posts of yours while doing my birthday thing and preparing the long post for today on the same subject of being raped by the rich. Thanks for this writing.