Friday, June 15, 2012


I haven't posted any blogs for a while, but I have been active commenting on other blogs. On one of those blogs, quite a discussion erupted about the "mark of the Beast." A lot of people are very concerned about this "mark" and are absolutely convinced that it is real and they will live to see it.

I commented to show how stupid the whole thing was, only to have some "faith addicts" continue on with speculation about it. Hence the comment which follows copied from that site:

"I never cease to be amazed at how people cling to these ridiculous myths and fairy tales no matter how much that biblical nonsense is shown up and disproven and the whole book itself is shown to be a total travesty.

The machinations of the human mind are beyond fathoming. When people desperately want to believe, they will believe, no matter how many facts are laid out or how plainly. Sometimes I wonder why I bother commenting on these sites.

It's just like a comment a lady made at a yard sale this morning after my wife detailed how her daughter was saved from a serious heart condition due to doctors happening on the right tests to show up her heart valve problem. She now has two metal valves in her heart put there by one of the two surgeons in Arizona qualified to perform that operation, and she is feeling and doing great.

She commented that "the lord" put our daughter in the right circumstances. I had to walk away to keep from exploding about "the lord" and the holocaust, Bosnia, rampant sex traficking slavery of innocent young girls, deformed and retarded babies, inherited genetic weaknesses and deformities, natural disasters "the lord" is supposedly in control of, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Where is "the lord" in those situations and circumstances?

If something good comes along, "the lord" gets the credit, not advanced medical science dedicated humans brought about, the well-trained and analytical doctors, etc.

The bad? I guess "the lord" was busy with situations like our daughter's and didn't have time, or something. She must be one of his favorites, but she's an unbeliever like us. Go figure.

The goddist will have some explanation to hide his or her eyes from the stark reality that we exist in an uncaring universe and have ourselves to rely on -- totally! As long as we have dedicated scientists and medical experts, the progress and the medical and scientific and technological "miracles" are amazing.

If enough people come to that realization, maybe the human race can begin to reason and cooperate enough to save us from the tragedy of the extermination that seems so likely under present circumstances and attitudes -- attitudes mainly shaped by religions.

The religions of our hand-crafted gods are destoying us! Why is that so hard to see and understand? Why must we still cling to idiocies Constantine and those dumbass "church fathers" at Nicacea saddled us with? They invented that Bible and all the nonsense, like beasts and marks of beasts, it contains."

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