Friday, March 2, 2012


I enjoy Edwin Kagin and his "Blasphemous Blogging" site. He comes up with some really good stuff.

Here's a snipet of what he just posted on Easter: "If Jesus rose from the dead, and if he went to Heaven, and if Heaven is outside the known universe, and if the laws of nature invented by god apply to god, then Jesus could not travel faster than the speed of light. If he left for Heaven two thousand years ago, he isn’t there yet, and won’t be there for some time. Therefore, we really need not concern ourselves at this point about his return to earth. Presumably he will return sometime after he gets there."

Since the universe has been around for more than 13 billion years and we can't be sure we've peered back in time long enough to see the edge of it yet, I'm guessing the sun will have exhausted itself and will have long ago expanded to incinerate the earth before that trip is anywhere near over -- just the one-way leg of it.

Now, theories about "warp drive" do exist, but, c'mon. Just how much can space be warped? Maybe we could get smart enough to develop wormholes, but they are also only theoretical -- and probably limited in scope. They might or might not be possible and/or practical.

I know. God can supposedly do anything. According to the northern europeans, so could Thor. According to the Greeks, Zeus could too. Substitude the mythology of your choice. It's equal opportunity mythological nonsense time.

All the mythologies, including those about Yahweh and the rest of the Elohim were built around the world and heavens known to the illiterate bronze age goat herders and camel jockeys of that time who had no inkling of the vastness of the cosmos we've only come to understand in some of its vastness during the last century. We still have a lot to discover and begin to fathom!

Poor Jesus. He can't be out of this galaxy yet! And, if he's limited to communicating by the speed of light, he can't even bug dad as to why he aint there yet.

Hmmmm. Now, how about all those prayers people are so confident God, Jesus, saints, etc. hear? Those saints left some time after Jesus did, so they haven't even caught up to him yet.


  1. Hello Allen, I saw that you had a blog so I decided to join it. There are so few of us that have escaped the trap of religion that we need all the support we can get.
    I've enjoyed reading your comments on the Painful Truth for some time so I wanted to send you a personal note.
    Is your story posted on Robert McNally's site? I posted mine in 2000. My wife still attends UCG and has zero interest in talking about the subject. It has been a great frustration to me over the years.
    BTW,I've meet Edwin Kagin a few times. He lives in nothern Kentucky and is part of the freethought group in Cincinnati called FIG[Free Inquiry Group]. I live in Troy, OH. about 15 miles north of Dayton.

  2. Newlife, I envy you being able to meet Kagin. If I had the financial wherewithal, I'd be attending some of these conferences where people like him speak and socialize.

    I understand your frustration at having someone you love so much and would like to be closer to still caught up in the cult.

    If you're referring to the Non-believer website, I published a couple of items on there some time ago and have commented on others.