Monday, March 19, 2012


I've had a lot to say about the christofascists and their assault on the liberties our founding fathers championed and fought for. It horrifies me that Americans can tolerate, let alone support, the hateful likes of Santorum, Romney, Robertson, etc., etc. The nauseum of the plethora of and public acceptance of such self-righteous, hateful, totally dumb and unprincipled people is manifold and unending.

I just happened on a piece written by a very wise and eloquent woman about the assault on women's rights. It says it all much better than I, a mere man, could even attempt to say it. I hope you will read it here:

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  1. Thanks for that link, Al. Ms. Chemaly certainly did a far more thorough, more personal and powerful job on this subject than I could in my small rant on the Virginia bill.