Monday, March 19, 2012


I just have to say more about the subject of my previous blog. There is a definite reason why the US looks so nutty to much of the rest of the world.

The reason we look like we're nuts is that far too many Americans are certifiably nuts!

They are nuts because they've been deluded and brainwashed into accepting religion! Religion is nuts! Those who blindly follow religion are nut cases!

I used to follow religion blindly. I now see that I was a bona fide NUT JOB!

I believed evolution was a lie. That's totally nuts!

I believed the entire Bible was inspired and absolute truth. That's totally nuts!

People who believe any religious malarky -- of any religion -- are NUTS!

There are more of those certifiable NUTS in the USA than anywhere else in the Western world!

We didn't start out that way. As I mentioned in a previous blog, only 10 to 15 percent of Americans were church goers in 1800. We were a secular nation, for the most part. Our ancestors could think. Too many of their descendants have lost their ability to think logically and to question.

From that sane beginning, we have let the god merchants hornswoggle us into becoming a nation of "faith based" idiots -- so much so that no politician would stand a chance in any election if he dared to say he or she was not a person of "faith."

It's a sad -- and frightening -- situation.

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  1. I keep telling myself that the majority of church goers don't really believe this crap. Deep down, I think they do believe it, they just don't think about it and it has never occurred to them to think about it.

    If they used their brain to examine their heart, I have hopes they would come to the sane conclusion.