Monday, August 20, 2012


I was shocked when I heard and read what Todd Akin so insensitively stated about rape. It drove home to me again the horror of the attitude residing in the minds of people like him.

To Todd Akin, women are lesser creatures who must be forced to accept their less than equal place in life and their subservience to men and stupid religious dogma. It drives home once more the ugliness and crass superior-minded certitude residing in the minds of these adherents to superstition and religious ignorance. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he supports and probably contributed to that travesty, the creation museum.

I could say more, but a lady in the Congo said what needs to be said quite well and quite eloquently. Go here to read her letter:

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  1. Todd Akin is a puppet/member/supporter of the Dominionist movement in this country. Their goal is the establishment of a Theocracy and the destruction of our democratic principles. They want to drag us all back to the Dark Ages and we all know how well women faired back then. It is a terrible thing this group of people are attempting to force upon us all.