Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Rethugs are demanding an apology! An apology from California Democratic chief, John Burton,

You see, John Burton told the truth. Rethugs don't like the truth anymore. Men like Barry Goldwater have no place in their party these days. He tried to tell the truth as he saw it. Outright lies would have been repugnant to a man of his character.

Burton pointed out the fact that modern Rethugs have mastered the Nazi tactic of the "big lie." Tell a lie big enough, often and loudly enough, and a large percentage of the population will believe it.

The Rethug convention was nothing more than a gigantic lie fest. History was revamped. Rethug obstructionism and blatant tactics of doing everything possible to frustrate anything that would solve the nations problems and make Obama look good and succesful -- even things they once championed -- had to be denounced and made to look evil. Joseph Goebels would be proud of their artful adoption of his tactics.

The Rethug party is a gigantic cauldron of theocratic fascism and deception. They are determined to return America to pre-Hoover times and British-style Dickensian class distinctions. They want to demolish the separation of church and state so religious dogma can be inculcated into law and used to control and terrorize the populace. The only way that can be accomplished is through deception -- convincing the average person that black is really white and vice versa.

What a travesty! Demanding that someone apologize for telling the truth!

I don't think so.

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