Friday, January 11, 2013


There was a blog entry on The Painful Turht website dealing with the death of but not end of Herbert W. Armstrong's pernicious effects on multiple thousands of former followers and their families.  Far too many people still conduct their lives and base their thinking and logic as if the old reprobate was still alive and in control.

That's all very true.  However, there is another fact that far too many people never grasp, and I wrote the following comment to deal with it:

"I have a news flash too.


Jesus has been dead for nearly two thousand long years now!

His promise to come back almost immediately, if any person called “Jesus” actually said those things (we can’t know because decades and centuries passed between the supposed statements and their written recording) was a lot of hot air. All the prognostications for his imminent coming today are also a lot of hot air.

The cosmic Christ of all those people claiming to be “Paul” is likewise a lot of hot air and empty ink on the pages of a book called the Bible."

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