Sunday, January 6, 2013


All gods are failures!  History and the facts prove it!

Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, you name them.  All failures!

Yahweh and Jesus?  Allah?  Total failures! 

They can't hold anything together, largely because they are figments of human imagination, illusionary constructs of deluded and often pathological human minds.

Where was Yahweh at Auschwitz and Buckenwald, etc. when his "chosen people" were being slaughtered by the millions?  Where was Jesus to stop the "protestant heresy" catholics fought desperately to thwart.  Where was he in all the splits and divisions that have torn asunder every major religious movement that came along in christianity, Islam or any other hyped faith that has been invented, all proclaiming they were the true way and everyone else was bound for hell or "the lake of fire?"

You think the odds of winning a lottery are astronomical?  The odds and the chances of losing are far greater in the crap shoot of trying to choose something you can cling to as religious "truth."  In fact, they are absolutely ZERO!

Where are you going to start? 

What wager is guaranteed to pay off? 

Why are you so sure you have stumbled on the "winner?"

I've had adherents to my old cult ask to be removed as a "friend" on my Facebook site when they discovered my non-believing stance, all because of their illogical fear of being contaminated by my unbelief in what they still view as the ultimate truth and their ticket into that illusive "kingdom."  If I lived in some areas of the South, my life, and certainly my community acceptance, could be in danger if my atheist stance became common knowledge.

I used to be delusional enough to fall for the "You are God's elect" assurance.  I was totally convinced I had been specially "called."  That mindset afflicts billions of people who are absolutely convinced of their specialness.

Talk about narcissism.  Talk about irrationality.   If I want to know how dumb a human being can be, all I have to do is look at my own life history.

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