Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have a very skeptacle attitude toward much of what I see or hear in the "news."  If it comes from a religious or political source (especially right wing), I'm downright suspicious and looking for the lie. 

Religiously motivated politicians are the worst of the lot.  Most of them should be wearing swastika armbands and identifying themselves as cousins of Josef Goebbels.  The middle eastern and catholic originated drive to keep women and minorities down and skew everything to the benefit of the privileged rich and powerful never ceases.

They're masters of double speak, always looking for some high sounding euphemistic way to hide their real totalitarian agenda.  Like the recently put forward attempt to prevent abortion choice by outlawing such pregnancy termination in cases of rape or incest as "tampering with evidence."  What a transparent load of bullshit!

No subterfuge is beneath them.  They would riot to keep a list of the ten commandments posted in a classroom while they flaunt the one against lying.  (Yes, I'm aware that it is actually a command against perjury, but most people understand and pontificate about it otherwise and the principle does apply.)

I've had a lifetime of witnessing the outright lies and dishonesty so blatantly practiced by people posing as the holiest of the holy and there is no way I can trust any of them.  Many of them, I'm convinced, are just as unbelieving in the nonsense as am I, but the gravy train, people control and the easy life it affords is just too lucrative. 


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