Saturday, March 16, 2013


We had a partial family get-to-gether yesterday.  My oldest daughter, Jaime, mentioned how much more she has learned about me and my past through Facebook. She appreciates it and so do I.

That's exactly why I blog and Facebook. It's why I wrote my little autobiography a few years back.

If I had to wait for those rare times when we can all get together and have a long conversation, not much would get transmitted, and even then, not to everybody who could perhaps profit from, or just enjoy, hearing it.

Everybody, regardless of age, is extremely busy and preoccupied with their own cares most of the time. That's no longer the impediment it used to be.

I can write what I want to write when the urge comes on me and whoever is interested can tune into it when and if the desire comes.

Writing, which made possible scrolls, monuments, books, newspapers, mags, etc., was the beginning of the end of the need for personal, one-on-one transmission of everything. Steadily, innovations have come along to the point that just about everyone can be in instantaneous communication with just about anyone else on the face of this planet and wherever in outer space we might be able to get to. It's marvelous when you think deeply about it.

I know. There are still people who don't want a "damn cellphone" or computer (or much of anything else that takes them farther from the stone age). They're going to hie their ossified old behinds straight into the grave proud to have never learned any of those new fangled, time wasting things. They're usually to be found behind a scowling face and grumpy attitude, as they scream at some kid who dared to walk on their precious grass, while expounding about "the good old days."

Got news for them and everyone. Those days weren't all that damn good. I was there. I know. But, they were all we had and better than the alternative. I appreciated all of them, but I don't want to be stuck back there.

However, it's mighty nice to pass on some of the things I experienced and learned.

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