Sunday, July 21, 2013


(This is from my Facebook entries.)

If you haven't already surmised by my shares, I'm in an angry, foul mood. I hate what my nation has become in the last three decades under the madness of wrong wing so-called leadership. The rethugs have turned my nation into an absolute crock of shit where social justice and fiscal sanity is concerned.

Several historians have commented that people usually get the government they deserve. We must be one helluva bunch of total dumb asses and irredeemable reprobates.

Once we were led by men of character and reason, like FDR, Eisenhauer, Truman, Johnson, Carter and a host of balanced congressmen and senators who were capable of reason. Now, we're inmates of a national concentration camp bossed around and brutalized by the likes of the Koch brothers and that fascist tea party. We will soon be burning witches and heretics at the stake again the way things are going!

For sure, we're going to see starvation and human suffering like no other advanced western nation would tolerate. If you can't scheme and underhandedly work yourself into privileged wealth, the hell with you, you undeserving peasant, is the attitude.

I am no longer proud to be an american. To be an american equals to be party to injustice and oppression and international bullying on a vast and growing scale. If I were to travel abroad, I would hate to have to show my passport, because it would now cause me shame!

I despise what my country has become, and I totally despise those who have reduced it to this sorry, horrible state! I mean you, George Bush, Boehner, McConnell, the insane Supreme Court that calls a corporation a person, Palin, etc., etc. ad nauseum. And, cursed be the name of Ronald reagan, the son-of-a-bitch that started the avalanche on its way!

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  1. Maybe enough of us will become angry and ashamed that a slow revolution will throw those fools out of power. We can hope.

    I joined about 75 people in Riverside on Saturday for the 100 City Action cause; walked and talked with a young black man, and cried a little discussing the Trayvon verdict and the official national inequity. I was one of two old white guys and one of maybe six non-blacks in the whole group. Sad and shameful.