Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Facebook keeps asking me what's on my mind.

What isn't on my mind? If I wrote about every thought that came along, I'd have no time for anything but writing.

The madness, the lies, the hypocrisy I see and hear in the world drives me to despair sometimes. People can see clearly the nonsense in religion and politics and still cling mindlessly to it. I did too for a great many years. I often wonder how much more needs to be forcefully expelled from that space between my ears. What gives me peace with that wonder is knowing I'm determined to weed out every lie, every subterfuge, any and all false propaganda as soon as I see through it.

How do you get through to people who refuse to entertain the thought that anything they believe could be false? They stubbornly hang onto lies and superstitions and refuse to entertain the thought that it could all be a fantasy when the facts clearly show that it is. It's an emotional attachment with no basis in reason. That's why I turned my back on it years ago now.

People like to try to inject fear with "What if you're wrong?" They're usually christians, so they're absolutely convinced christianity is right. So, I have to be wrong. They try to scare me back into line by trying to make me fear the horrible fate their religion promises heretics.

Other millions of people believe in islam or mormonism. It never occurs to them that they might be wrong for rejecting those religions. Same goes for hinduism, budhism, shinto, etc., etc. What if they're wrong in summarily rejecting those belief systems?

Religions try to control their adherents through fear and societal pressure. Once you quit fearing and don't care what anyone else thinks, their power over you is gone. That's what makes me a truly free human being today. If you don't like me because of my humanist atheist free thinking, I really don't care.

There are no gods or hellish eternities to fear, but I'll still be sensibly wary of the humans who dreamed those religions up and have a vested interest in furthering and protecting them.

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