Monday, July 1, 2013


The biggest source of political hope for me is to see the Republican insanity in steadily alienating the young and women. That Texan ass, Rick Perry, and the rest of the ignorant, hateful cabal, are doing inestimable damage to their party, and they don't begin to realize it. Fanatics can never see themselves as sane people see them.

There was a big demographic swing that helped put Barack back in the White House in 2012. It's only going to increase in 2014 and 2016.
I can't feature any oppressed college student saddled with ballooning interest on their student debt wanting anything to do with a Republican politician. I know some are so brainwashed, they still will, but if they're that dumb, I question what the hell they're doing wasting time in college or universtity in the first place. They can drag their knuckles somewhere less tasking.

It's also a mystery how so many women can sit still for Taliban-minded men passing decrees about their vaginas and uteruses, while many of them are busily bedding every woman they can seduce as they profess their devotion to the "sanctity of marriage."

It's such thoughts that help me avoid total despair. But, then, I'm the eternal optimist who always bounces back. Giving up just isn't a tenable thought.

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