Saturday, March 15, 2014


Seth Andrews, in his book, DEconverted, has this to say about his radio career:

"I left my last full-time radio job in 2004. But (and every radio announcer will tell you this), broadcasting gets into your blood. No matter how brutal the competition, no matter how meager the salary, no matter how intense the inevitable burnout, radio becomes a part of you. It's a bully pulpit for the opinionated. It's a blank page for the storyteller. It's a circus for the clown. It's a theater for the mind. Radio is a landing zone for people who aren't content to have their voices heard organically, but instead feel compelled to blast their alerts, rants, stories, jokes and/or antics through the loudest possible bullhorn."

I was never in radio, but I feel much the same way about the worldwide web, blogging and Facebooking. I'd be very frustrated now if that outlet weren't available. From those days of my youth when I rode around on a farm tractor and mentally preached the message that had overwhelmed me and convinced me of ultimate religious and moral truth to today, I am a dedicated communicator driven to do whatever I can to change the world situation.

My efforts of those early years were misguided and driven by the accident of geography and culture. In eight decades, I've progressed to greater understanding and totally different conclusions. But, the drive is still the same.

The basic me hasn't changed -- just my understanding.

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