Friday, April 4, 2014


(From Facebook -- it's where most of my activism get its expression.)

Tomorrow, we have a meeting of our free thought group and will try to hash out exactly where we want to go. Some want a formal organization under 501-C or something similar and many of us want it less formal and loose. The more formal we get, the harder the work for anyone in a leadership position and the more hoops to jump through. At my age and as active as I am here and on my blog, I tend to back off on getting involved in all kinds of time, money and labor intensive things.

Sponsoring speakers and advertising to the public brings in a few new associates but gets very expensive, and a couple of more afluent members have been bearing the brunt of that. That can't continue, so some sort of formal dues paying has to begin or we have to trim our sails. I definitely don't want the social outlet we've established to end. We all need the support and interacdtion of like-minded people.

So, this is an important meeting, as I see it. As one who helped get it started, I feel a responsibility to put in my two cents worth and help us chart a course that will work out well.

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