Monday, April 21, 2014


People are so damn stupid! I mean, the average yokel out there thinks he knows everything about everything and really knows absolutely nothing about anything.

We went donwntown this afternoon with the dogs to get a few things. We stopped at Food City and a thrift store up the street. I passed a young guy out front who inquired if I had any jobs he could do. I didn't but decided to walk by again and converse with him. Turns out he's jobless and homeless. I expressed my understanding and that led to his badmouthing Obama, so I had to point out that it wasn't Obama's fault as he has been thwarted in everything he's tried to do by congress. Of course, that led to whole plethora of cliches like "they're all crooks, etc., etc.

There's no sense trying to converse with or argue with stupidity. Stupid, ignorant people universally consider themselves knowledgeable in everything and they're going to try to impress you with their supposed wisdom about all the things they know absolutely nothing about. So, I gave it up as a lost cause and meandered off with my quite sensible and astute Pomeranians.

I think we'd be better off if we all "went to the dogs."

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