Monday, April 21, 2014


(From Facebook.)

We say we abolished slavery in the 1860s. A lot of people had good intentions in that direction, but I've come to realize that the world has been a world of slavery to one degree or another forever. It just seems to be in our genes or something to want to ascend to the top and then sit there in self-congratulatory hypocrisy and look down on everyone else while making damn sure they stay in a demeaning, groveling and disrespected state.

If you aren't lucky and ruthless enough to figure the angles and make a huge pile of wealth, those who stumble on the shady and often inherited secrets are quick to denounce you as lazy. Somehow working more than one job to barely get by while neglecting your family life and personal health, etc. turns up as laziness to these self-righteous bastards and bastardesses.

At my age, I can see the facts much clearer than I used to. Cliches and slogans no longer impress me. We're not the greatest nation on earth anymore, though for a short time, we came close. Claiming to be christian and wonderful means nothing when you build a society and culture the Jesus portrayed in the gospels would take up scourges against like he did the temple money changers. I guess that might have actually happened, but I know too much about the manufacture of that tome to depend on any of it as historical fact. Anyway, those who claim to love and respect it are usually totally condemned by it if their attitudes and practices are taken into account.

Just some thoughts that came to me as I prepare to shuffle off to bed.

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