Thursday, July 3, 2014


I love our "monsoon!" This afternoon, we made a little trip down to the store. I was sitting inside the entry lobby where passersby enjoyed our ever-friendly pomeranians when there was suddenly a horrible racket from the metal roof over our heads. Stepping to the door, I saw a blizzard of marble-sized hail bouncing all over the asphalt and that was soon followed by brisk rain.

Thunder was rolling around outside a few minutes ago, so out on the patio goes me to sit for a moment in the twilight and just enjoy it all, including a few sprinkles. I suppose, if I were on some other planet in another part of the universe, I might be composed differently and enjoying quite different natural manifestations. I can only wonder and hope to maybe have some clarity on such before my short life is over.

As I was sitting there, my mind was as active as ever. I was thinking about how insane everything has suddenly turned. Corporations were always artificial constructs set up for economic and legal reasons to allow people to operate in the business world without endangering their own financial and legal futures.

Now, we're saddled with the insanity of them being regarded as individuals with the rights of individuals. That turns the whole damn universe upside down and has led to the recent ruling that forces real people to be subjugated to a corporation having the right to pass judgment on their personal lives and how they live them. It forces real people to suffer under the stupid religious concepts of those who sit in control of such artificial creations, bereft of any actual existence as a conscious being.

This is madness! This is oppression in its most insidious form. It's time to stand up and say, "ENOUGH!"

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