Thursday, July 3, 2014


It's really very simple. If people are paid a decent wage, everybody profits. Henry Ford was wise enough to know that when he insisted on paying his workers enough so that they could afford one of the cars they were manufacuring.

All this stinginess is really avarice and hate. It's also shortsighted.

When I have a decent amount of money in my pocket, I show my love to my loved ones by taking them out to dinner or buying them something they need or want. The people who provide those things prosper.

Austerity and religious-like stupid trumpeting of "trickle down" and "supply side" only decreases every thing and leads to misery for all but the few lucky and ruthless enough to claw and steal their way into obscene wealth. It also builds hatred toward those who have more than they can ever hope to spend or use.

What happened in Russia a century ago should give them pause for concern, if they had the intelligence to see beyond their avaricious noses. Some of them, Like Bill Gates, try to alleviate problems, but their efforts can only have a piecemeal effect. Fair pay and benefits for all have a universal effect and we proved that until about thirty years ago when the forces of avarice and greed obtained an overwhelming advantage and control through the efforts of Ronald Reagan and his shortsighted, hateful ilk.

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