Thursday, July 3, 2014


(From Facebook, July 1.)

Today, I visited with a nice couple I'm going to join in marriage on Friday. He has a home here in Cottonwood and is marrying a lady from Australia who owns two pharmacies there. He also has business in Australia much of the year, so they'll be here sometimes and there the rest of the time. Corporatism and plutarchs don't control Australia. Hers, and other such businesses, are independent there, like I remember they once were here when I was a child.

I really envy that man. How I wish I could have known what I know now decades before that fucking hateful catholic Reagan wormed his way into the presidency and started my country on its now accelerating decline into plutocracy, religious tyranny and oligarchy. Oh, it was already in the works. He and his cohorts just put the final plan into operation.

This is no longer the greatest country on earth. It has become a disgusting crock of shit, and don't expect me to apologize for writing that. It will never be retracted, and anyone who objects can just go ahead and unfriend me. I will say, "good riddance."

Happy and fortunate are those few Americans who were wise enough during the Viet Nam era and after to get their asses out of the United States and move to Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, etc. I was too dumb and unaware to see or grasp the opportunity, and now it's too late. The die is cast and I'm stuck here in maniacville.

Cursed be the name of Ronald Reagan. He started all this crap. The Bushes accelerated it, and the religitards who control congress, the courts, etc. locked it all in place. I really see no deliverance, no matter how hard the only sane president we've had since Clinton tries. They've locked it up and I see no deliverance in the cards.

Are you going to vote the bastards out, or are you going to go docilly to the slaughter along with all the other sheep?

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