Monday, December 12, 2011


As a free-thinker, I'm tired of being marginalized and feeling like I'm relegated to a closet and the sidelines.  As you may have noticed about a year ago now, I started lending my voice to the task of making clear and free thinking much more openly available.  I started this blog.

I still had that isolated feeling here in Cottonwood, Arizona.  There seemed to be few, if any, like minded people around.  There was plenty of wooo, wooo in nearby Sedona.  You could take your pick of any superstition that appealed to you from vortexes to psychic and aural readings.

Finding clear thinking science-minded fellow anti-theists seemed to be close to impossible.  Through Meetup a few of us found each other and had our first meeting this afternoon at a nice home in Sedona.  We'll hold a few more meetings to determine exactly where we want to go with our newly formed association.  It's a start for Sedona and the Verde Valley.

I'm very encouraged to see more and more blogs by free thinkers and more and more determination on the part of us non-believers to no longer be the silent wall flowers off in the philosophical corners of the world.  We're tired of being relegated to the back seats of society like negroes were relegated to the back seats of buses not too long ago.  We're fed to the teeth with imbecilic myths having the limelight in society.

I've also found and have been reading an excellent book I found online at the Jovial Atheist website.  Thomas Blaylock, Jr. is the author of this website and book.  The book's title is: HONEST MAN'S PHILOSOPHY.  It's a very thorough treatment of the subject of clear and honest thinking in every area of human existence.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in erradicating the myths of this world from their lives and minds.  Go to this address:

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