Saturday, December 24, 2011


There was a very interesting quote on Pharyngula this morning.  Every day, P. Z. Myers publishes an essay by someone who explains why he or she is an atheist. 

This morning, the essay was by Jessica from Australia.  I like getting to the root of things, and one particular statement caught my attention as being the best sumation of the whole question about a god existing.  It came out of the mouth of a babe.  Here it is:  "What sealed the deal for good with me not really believing in a deity was my innocent 6 or 7 year old cousin saying 'If god put us here, who put God there?'”

My former close creationist friend of eighty-plus years contents himself with the assurance that god has just always been.  He can't see the contradiction in his assurance that the creation could not exist without a creator but the creator who would of necessity have to have been even more complex could just magically exist.

I will never cease to marvel how we brainy apes can be so logical about so many things but swallow the assurance of faith mongers so gullibly and placidly.  I did for decades.  I devoted my life and sacrificed good life and well-being to help promote that intellectual madness to others.  Yes, I was once a faith monger too.  Many I knew, worked with and loved still are.

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