Wednesday, December 21, 2011


According to Bible Chronology, man has been around for at least six thousand years and got almost totally wiped out by a great flood and had to start all over again a few centuries into his tenure.   The archeological and geological facts prove man has been around for at least a few hundred thousand years, with not even a hint of a planet-encompassing, all life destroying flood.

Rather than dwell on the provable facts, let's take a look at the mythical story that's still being bandied about from every communication device available.

Apparently, the touted "god" of scripture had a great stake in mankind -- so great that he lost his temper and wiped most of them out once.  (It is even stated he was going to wipe the slate completely clean at one point but relented and let Noah and his family survive.)   His reputation as a "loving god" would seem hard to maintain against that kind of history, what with our now believing he loved mankind so much that he sent his own son to sacrificially die for them (about two-thirds of the way into the concocted history up to now).

What took him so long to soften up?  Did he not care about all those people who went salvationless for four millennia?

If the salvation of man is so important to him, why did he wait about four thousand years of the spurious scriptural history to bring in his plan of salvation, according to the story touted by christianity?  Did he not give a damn about all those humans condemned by "original sin" going to hell?  Maybe he's a "super Roman" with a devine Colisseum called hell where he can revel in all the mayhem, suffering and screaming and laugh as demons spear agonized souls with flaming pitchforks.

Seems to me that kind of barbarous thing would get a bit old after a few thousand years.  Maybe that's why he came up with a plan of salvation, but he still had to satiate his dessire for blood and gore by having his own son horribly martyred.

Why?  Because, we are told, there is no expiation of sin without the shedding of blood, supposedly devine blood in this case.   Seems there are some things even god is not capable of doing.  One of them is simply saying, "I forgive you."

That would be much too simple and logical.  It wouldn't give priests and ministers (means servants -- what a laugh) a source of food and income from their fearful adherents.  It wouldn't provide "mysteries" to tout to the gullible masses who just stumble along in blind obedience -- and stultifying ignorance.

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