Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm up, finally, and wondering how to spend the day. I didn't go to the Lions Club meeting this morning. Meetings at 6:30 am are having less and less appeal and meetings of all kinds tend to get a bit boring, even the meetings of our freethought meetup group I've tried to help get off the ground. It's getting to be somewhat like trying to herd cats. Over a year has gone by and there is no solid organization yet.

Then, there is the financial aspect. Seventy bucks a year just to be a Lion isn't a lot of money, but on a tight budget it is significant. And, each meeting costs an inevitable few bucks. That's the way with any organization. The reality is that it costs money to maintain anything.

So, I inevitably have to ask myself if it's worth it and writing this is helping to sort it all out. Since leaving WCG, I've experimented with all kinds of things that I eventually walked away from as not fulfilling, worthwhile or relevant and not worth the time, resources and energy involved.

I like the good community service aspects of the Lions Club. I've made some friends there, but there's no deep connection. Every single one of them is caught up in some religious organization. Every meeting is opened with prayer and I just stand there respectfully until their meaningless ritual is over and sit down.

I once belonged to the Moose Lodge and dropped them when they made a big deal over wearing a hat into the Lodge. At the time, I was into wearing western hats and if kings wore crowns, which they considered their right while everybody else was commanded to go bareheaded and subservient, I saw no reason to comply as a free, autonomous American citizen who bowed and scraped to no one. I could not, and have no desire to, return as they make you assert that you believe in a supreme being. Originally, I could still do that, but not today.

Yeah, I'm a bit ornery and cantankerous when it comes to my personal freedoms.

That particular lodge no longer exists -- hasn't for decades -- because the ossified old farts couldn't attract enough new blood and they died off, just like the angry right wing republican old farts of today. Expect a dramatic change in the political landscape by 2016. It was already a mighty force in 2012.

Those are my musings for this morning. Everything evolves and changes, including me. I'm not afraid to question and making decisions is what life is all about. They aren't always easy decisions.

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