Sunday, February 24, 2013


Creationists universally fall back on the simplistic argument that the universe had to arise from the action of an intelligent designer, conveniently neglecting to include an explanation of where such an intelligent designer could have come from.  A former friend of mine who no longer wants any contact with a heretic like me assured me that creator just "always existed." 

No explanation of origin needed in his simplistic view of cosmic reality.  That's magic carried to its ultimate.  Little children and backward savages can find magic like that believeable, but adults of this relatively enlightened age should be able to think a little more deeply about such matters.

Come on now.  If the universe is too complex and awesome to have arisen spontaneously, a creator which had of necessity to be even greater and more complex couldn't have just happened either. 

Scientists, mainly physicists, continue to seek the answers of ultimate origins.  It isn't an easy process, but they are making progress.  Most theories include something called a "singularity" that exploded.

Do I understand that? 


I just see the end result and wish I could be one of those physicists searching for the ultimate answers.  Even human reproduction and reproduction as a whole used to be a great mystery, but we now understand quite a bit about it and are learning more every day. 

Instead of an intelligence giving rise to everything, everything evolves by a slow process from base hydrogen into intelligence.  So far, we appear to be the ultimate evolved intelligence.

Let's use that intelligence to find the answers, not cop out to the simplistic answers bronze age tribalists pulled out from under their turbans or whatever they wore on their heads. 

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