Monday, February 11, 2013


We're about to witness a lot of hoopla about one of the biggest circuses around.
Pope Benedict is going to resign at the end of this month. That opens the way for some other mythology and power addled idiot to take his place after intense politicing and deal cutting and who knows how many votes. It's the ultimate in the blending of politics and religion. The Vatican is considered a nation, you know.

Of all the enslaving curses mankind has created, religion has to take the prize as the most corrupt and evil of all. Nothing else so completely corrupts and warps the daily existence of so many unaware people who are convinced theirs is the only way because they were born into it or somehow deceived into it, like I was for a couple decades.

"How can you condemn an organization which only seeks to do good?" a former associate who returned to the vomit of Luteranism (there's only a thin door betweeen it and the Catholic Church) and became one of their ministers asked.

Keeping people enslaved to superstition and stultifying ignorance is not "good" in my dictionary. He's even a big wheel in the Creationist society -- a purveyor of total bullshit!

We humans have progressed so far in so much, and yet, we are so dumb. I fear it may destroy us.

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