Friday, February 15, 2013


Sometimes I'm tempted to avoid all the hype and hoopla that comes out about food and beverages!  Media thrives on sensationalism and overstatements calculated to get everybody excited and paranoid.

I'm referring to this article that just appeared on Huffington Post:

Every time I turn around, some dumbass pronouncement comes out about this food or that food, this drink or that drink that's either going to be my fountain of youth or the elixir of death.  I like to take a close look, if I can, at where these pronouncements originated and what axe may be in the process of being ground.  Especially suspect are places like Loma Linda University, run by Adventist head up their behind worshippers of Ellen G. White's psychotic nonsense about food and drink.

Not long ago, we were assured that a glass of wine or beer everyday would do much to prolong healthy life and add to the emotional well-being of the elderly.  Now this sensationalized clap trap comes along to get everyone scared that they're going to die of some terrible cancer if they take an occasional drink.

The facts are that we're all going to die sometime and something is going to be blamed for it. 

I will. 

You will. 

Will it be cancer?  I don't know.  Could be.  Will the occasional beer I enjoy, or glass of wine, be at fault?  Who knows? 

Anything can be a hazard to my life or yours.  I have to eat or I'll starve.  I try to eat wisely, but there could be a carcinogen in just about anything I shove between my lips.  It's a crapshoot whether it will get me or not.  Just getting out of bed every day constitutes a hazard, but staying in bed will weaken my body and certainly get so boring that I'd wish I were dead.

So, how about shutting up with all this sensationalist clap trap?  I do enjoy a little drink once in awhile, but since it tends to give me acid, I don't do it much.  But, there are tums, so when I'm celebrating, pour that champagne and I'll chew a few. 

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  1. Yeah, you eventually die from just living too long. By that I mean, eventually, the organs of the body will break down and cease to function properly.

    If one goes strictly by the diet recommended by the Heart Association and add to that of your oncologist/hematologist and the recommended diet to avoid diabetes 2 - you will have nothing to eat and only water to drink. Needless to say, you wouldn't live very long on those combined diets.

    I don't believe there are any such things as "wonder diets" that are going to be "just right" for everybody. Of course, it's obvious that some people should avoid alcohol but that doesn't mean that everybody is an alcoholic or a diabetic.

    There is such a thing as being sensible about the foods we eat and not falling for every fad diet that comes along. Everybody, unless they're an idiot, knows the difference between real food and junk food.