Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm really disgusted this evening. I spent much of the day harvesting nectarines from our tree. I had thinned them out carefully so the fruit wouldn't be stunted. Guess what? It's the same deal I got when I thought I was planting Thompson Seedless grapes! I got little currant-sized, buckshot-like grapes! Oh, they're seedless all right but a pain to deal with. I quit wasting water on those ...ripoff vines. They can just die.

Same thing with this so-called nectarine tree. You can't buy the commercial grade fruit trees in Arizona and California. They are prohibited to be sold here by law and every catalog specifically tells me so, but they do sell these ripoffs in the local nurseries. It's all to kiss the asses of the commercial interests who want to hold us captive to their orchard-grown fruit! And it works!

By the time I figure in the cost of the tree, the work to promote the trees growth, and the price of the water, I'm gaining nothing! And, I'm going to have to work like hell pitting and slicing up all those little marbles! No wonderful tree-ripened decent sized nectarines for old Al. I've been ripped off royally!

Sometimes, you just can't win and it makes me so damn mad I could you know what with tacks!

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