Sunday, June 29, 2014


(From Facebook.)

There are some people who keep on following what I put up and I know they must find it diametrically opposed to their own set beliefs. There was a time when I probably would have been in their shoes, so I kinda understand. I hung onto "faith" long after I should have chucked it into the nearest trash can. It's not easy to cast off a lifetime of surity and supposed security overnight.

Anyway, it wasn't easy for me either. As recently as a decade ago, I was buying the "secret" CDs and giving them credence. I still value positive thinking, but I recognize that it just gives you a mental attitude and approach more conducive to progress and possible eventual success. Life is still pretty much a crapshoot because neither you nor your thinking can alter every happenstance.

Before that was Neille Donald Walsh's books. Same general facts apply. Some good phiilosophy, but it didn't come from any actual "conversation" with any deity anymore than the Quran or the books of the Bible did.

So, rest assured that I appreciate those who stick with me even if some of the things I say and share might irk them or make them feel uncomfortable. I didn't get where I am overnight and you may never join me.

That's Ok. But, don't expect me to "lighten up."

That just isn't me.

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