Sunday, June 15, 2014


I was eating breakfast and reflecting on Father's Day when my son called to wish me a happy day to which I reciprocated. We've both been privileged to continue an inexorable process that began way back -- clear to that nebulous "big bang," in fact.

In the beginning, all was pure hydrogen (maybe a little helium, I'm not sure). It's taken billions of years for that hydrogen to give parenthood, through the process we call evolution, to everything that exists and has existed. Stars had to be born out of the primordial gas clouds and eventually die explosively to spill all those heavy elements necessary for you and I to exist into the cosmos. I have no idea how many now extinct stars lived and died to make me possible.

Then, there are all those struggling lifeforms that probably started out in the seas that came along, slowly mutating and evolving with most being dead ends. But, enough live ends with just the right physical setup continued on, leading inexorably to the complex being that is me. I passed my half of those complex genes on to my four children and two of them have in turn passed the torch first kindled in those long ago stars on to a new generation.

So, today, I honor that long evolutionary process and am happy I had the opportunity to take part in it. Who knows where it will all end?

Nobody! Absolutely Nobody!

It's just been a privilege to be a conscious part of it.

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