Thursday, June 26, 2014


Everything evolves! It's the law of the universe. From simple to increasingly complex everywhere and in everything.

In the beginning was hydrogen gas that grouped into stars and stars gathered to form galaxies and galaxy groups. As stars exploded, heavy elements evolved, new generations of stars came into being with planetary systems so diverse we'll probably never be able to isolate and categorize the variabilities.

We can watch it all with ever more power and clarity and it is going on all around us in the vastness of the universe.

So far, we're only able to identify the evolution of life on our own infinitesimally small piece of cosmic real estate, but it follows a similar route to ever greater complexity. And we, who seem to be the pinncle of evolutionary development in this eco system carry the principle forward with our ever more complicated and wondrous technology.

Just look at that cell phone in your hand and then go look at an original hand crank dinosaur in some museum that was a marvel just a short century ago. It's the only computer many have or need and it blasts to insignificance those original vacumn tube monstrosities I read about in Scientific American as a teen ager. A big monstrous computer monitor sat unclaimed in the free stuff lineup at an estate sale this morning. That would have disappeared very fast just a few short years ago, but who wants that when a tablet will do much more and certainly much more handily?

You have to be stubbornly intent on believing for the sake of believing to deny the reality of evolution.

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