Monday, June 30, 2014


The return of the dark ages through the aegis of a carefully contrived supeme court proceeds like a runaway train. It all began with catholic Reagan, along with his other attempts to return america to the rule of the rich, powerful and fanatically religious that was originally begun by emperor Constantine and caused over one thousand years of human stagnation under a cruel, ignorant religious hierarchy blinded by their stupidity and hatred.

I'm very down this morning. Those five assholes on the bench have finally succeeded and I'm sure they're smugly proud of themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow contrived to have me arrested for something for daring to write what I've just written.

Don't get excited, guys. My voice will soon disappear just through the natural attrition lifespans impose. In the meantime, fuck you bastards! Fuck all churches! Fuck all stupid gods and religious book crap! Fuck what the USA has become!

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