Thursday, September 27, 2012


Trying to figure out where Mitt Romney stands is like chasing half-set Jell-o around a plate with a fork.  I kind of feel sorry for the guy.  He's trying to put himself forth as just an ordinary, hard working, straight talking, self-made dude like you or me and most other Americans when he clearly is not.

He's trying to be a master of evasion in a world of instantaneous information that shows him up for the haughty, superior- minded prevaricater he is.  He demands ten years of tax returns from his vice presidential hopefuls but will only show the last two of his and tries the innocent "trust me" approach all con-men use.  Sorry, Mitt, been around the block a time or two.  You want trust?  Verify!

He's had so many conflicting positions about so many things that figuring out what he really means has become an exercise in futility.  He's a political chameleon!  His position depends on the situation he figures he's in at the moment! 

I'm reminded of the kid who happened to come upon a tourist visually searching a tree.  He asked what he was looking for.  The tourist replied, "chameleons."  "Oh, you want a chameleon?  That's easy," replied the kid and he gave the tree a hefty shake.  Out dropped a half-dozen chameleons.

I picture Mitt sitting on a political branch and trying his best to blend in to the picture he wants people to see and accept.  Along comes something like Bill Clinton's convention speech or the surreptitiously recorded fundraising comments to shake his "tree" and he comes crashing to the ground!

I've had more rolling on the floor laughter from this campaign than any other I've ever experienced.  Mitt's a comedian's dream come true.

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