Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I listened to the Democratic convention quite a while today. I was inspired by much of it, especially Bill Clinton's masterful expose of the plethora of Rethug lies and liars.

He had to be diplomatic and somewhat "nice" in his terminology aboout those lying bastards.

I don't.

I won't.

Romney likes to paint himself as a "job creator."


Romney was never anything but a ruthless, unfeeling predator. His fangs drip with the financial life blood of thousands of American citizens his Bain Capital horror ruthlessly rode rough shod over so he could bask in the financial booty he and his like-minded dregs of humanity savagely stole from those innocent and helpless victims!

Yes, I said STOLE!

I mean STOLE!

It was legalized stealing he and others like him craftily got written into law so he couldn't be prosecuted like any ordinary citizen would have been!

Then, he stole from the United States of America he claims he loves by hiding his ill gotten wealth in tax haven offshore tax evading accounts. He stole so much that he dare not reveal his tax returns from all those years. They would show him up for the unpatriotic and unprincipaled disgusting creep he is!

When I see his hypocrite face, I automatically replace it in my mind with the face of the evil emperor from Star Wars! He's the same kind of deceptive, totally ruthless character! And, like that evil monster, he tells blatant lie after blatant lie with a completely straight face.

He cares nothing about the United States of America or any of its citizens, unless they happen to be members of his class, his family and his cult. All religions are stupid, but mormonism is by far one of the stupidest -- and most sinister. He is just as evil a character as the con man founder of that theological abortion, Joseph Smith, and those who followed him.

Ryan is no better. He is enslaved to that idiot "vicar of Christ" in the Vatican and all his insane, stupid, insidious garbage! He wouldn't be able to tell the truth if his prevaricating life depended on it. Nor, does he care a bit more about anyone than Romney does, or he wouldn't be associated with him.

Maybe reincarnation is possible after all. Nero and Caligula may have returned. Or, Hitler and Stalin.

I admit it. I am fearful. I fear what might happen to my beloved country and my descendants if these masters of lies and evil gain control. I know how dumb people can be because I was once just as dumb as many of them are. I couldn't see through the artfully contrived lies I was fed by a mesmerizing cult leader for over twenty years. Even after that, I was dumb enough to vote for "Dubya" twice!

Not because I was stupid. I had an IQ so high that my college dean wouldn't tell me how high it was. But, I was young, careless and gullible. I accepted a message that appealed to something within me because of false cultural and religious concepts that had been planted in my mind from infancy on. I just assumed the Bible had to be true and that made me ripe pickings for a master con man.

I fear that the deceptive message loudly hammered home by billions spent on lying propagands will overwhelm enough unwary minds that we will end up with these two epitomes of evil in control of my beloved nation.

The very thought could make one suicidal.

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