Sunday, September 16, 2012


If you've read much of my blogging, you know I am no closet atheist. For a while I was, but not after I saw how important the cause was. Besides, with my activist instincts and drives, staying in a closet is virtually impossible.

There was another good blog statement on Pharyngula this morning, and it sums up my feelings rather well:

"And so I finally crossed from atheism to anti-theism. I believe that religion is wrong. Wrong for every reason. Wrong for humanity. Wrong for our future. Any time a single human gives up their capacity for critical thinking to worship or obsesses we all lose. We lose their contribution to our innate humanity. Their ability to be a part of a critically thinking community.

Therefore I believe that any theistic belief system is a negative impact on humanity. Only by releasing ourselves to think critically can we improve ourselves. Only by questioning and re-questioning will the answers become apparent. Through this path, letting go of our structured belief systems, and testing them to break and transfigure will our true humanity reveal it’s place in the universe.

Think critically, test often, and enjoy the results."

That is why I am also an anti-theist. Theism is stultifying. It champions ignorance and the status quo. It sets this nation on a path to retrogression. Progress is impossible when education is hamstrung by bronze age myths shoved down innocent children's intellectual throats -- not just in home schooling of a few unfortunate captives to parents' misguided drive to indoctrinate, but forced into our public schools by activist school boards held captive by religious fanatics.

The chinese nation was once one of the most progressive kingdoms on earth. Then, an emperor came along who insisted on isolating the nation from the rest of the world of "barbarians." Progress stopped. The society became set in cultural and scientific concrete. It has taken centuries for them to begin advancing again, and the old culture had to be destroyed before it could even begin.

We are in a similar situation right now. There is a desire on the part of far too many powerful people to go backward and reverse course into old superstitions and repressive policies they label "conservatism." I have nothing against being truly conservative about truth and moral/ethical values. However, the "conservatism" being championed today is nothing more than retrogression into a repressive way of life our forefathers denounced and abandoned.

At it's core is theism. Theism has destroyed and brutalized every society over which it has gained control. It is well on its way to destroying and brutalizing my beloved nation!

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