Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have to admit that I feel a bit discouraged this evening.  I look at the world around me and at all the lies and deceptions, the con games and the crass using of human beings for the agrandizement of those in ultimate power, and I tend to despair.

I look at the political sphere and I see an ignoramus like Perry proclaiming that God explains why we are here, and the blind ignorant masses cheer his ignorant stupidity.  Properly trained theologians know better.  They know what a contrived mass of pishtwaddle the Bible and the Christian God is.  They just don't let the masses who ultimately pay their generous salaries know what they know.  They soothe their consciences by any number of psychological machinations to convince themselves that their deception is for the good of the people.  The few who publish the facts don't get much press and their books and articles are given no front page prominence.

The masters of Banking and Wall Street and the corporate lords know they are taking everybody for a "ride."  They just don't care.  They're chuckling all the way to the bank!  The masses who are suffering and will suffer are just unfortunate collateral damage

The fact that we are destroying our planet through runaway climate change and bringing on a greater extinction than has been seen for millions of years is denied and pooh poohed.  If billions of people die, too bad.  We're over-populated anyway.  So what if multitudes of species die off.  We'll figure out how to adjust.  Keep those profits high and our taxes minuscule.

I could go on, but much of it would be redundant to what I've said in other blog entries.  I'm just going to get ready for bed.  Maybe I'll feel better in the morning.  I doubt it.

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