Monday, August 1, 2011


Few are alive who remember the Great Depression.  I was only five years old when Hitler marched into Poland and set us on the course out of it.  Being on a farm, we usually had food, but I remember being hungry a few times when the cupboard got a bit spare.  Refrigerators were something in the post-war future.

Roosevelt tried hard to get us out of the Depression, but he was sabotaged by near-sighted Rethugs in 1937 and there was a second dip.  We probably never would have recovered if we hadn't had to fight for our very existence in World War II.  Desperation shut the mouths of the stupid rethugs.

Everything boomed.  America's industrial might came to the fore and we emerged from the war as a much richer nation.  Luckily, there were progressive minded people in Congress and the White House who could see the need for the GI Bill and expanded infrastructure.  Even a Republican like Dwight Eisenhauer saw the need for our wonderful interstate highway system which is now being neglected and going to hell in the proverbial handbasket.  (I remember that he had a problem deciding whether he was a Republican or a Democrat.  I still wonder why he chose as he did.)  Johnson brought in rural electrification.  Kennedy ramrodded the space program. Etc.  Etc.

Yes, it took some borrowing -- which has since been paid off because the presidents and congresses recognized the need to levy compensatory taxes to pay for it all.  Customers paid off rural electrification.  There were still plenty of millionaires, even billionaires, and the wealth thus created is inestimable.  At the same time, ordinary citizens enjoyed an economy in which they could found and grow their own businesses and prosper.  Yes, they griped about the tax burden.  That's only natural. 

The point is that the borrowing and taxing created the greatest economy the world had ever seen and put us on top of the world.  We could have stayed there. 

However, the selfish, short-sighted rich and powerful can't stand for the average citizen to have a fair shake.  They have always chafed at Roosevelt's folly.  Only their children deserve a top quality education that guarantees them a chance at a high paying job and a decent retirement.  It's the lower classes' fault that they don't advance by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.  They all too often have the attitude so condemned by the Apostle James, as mentioned in my previous blog.

Wake up America.  You're being sent back to the age of the robber barons on a greased slide and being lied to every step of the way.  Quit voting for your sworn enemies who snicker under their uplifted noses as you fall for their BS.  

The Rethugs are your enemies! 

Always have been! 

Always will be!

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