Saturday, August 6, 2011


Telling the truth as you see it sometimes costs a person.  My recent blog in which I labeled the Tea Party for the ignorant, religious and fascist minded thugs they are just cost me one of my last friends from the past.  He labels me the fascist, along with Obama, etc.

I know this old friend is not knowingly fascist.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

However, he is caught up in the Tea Party from its inception, in creationism and is absolutely dedicated to Christianity -- now, mainstream instead of Armstrongist.  There is no penetrating that armor without a non-existent intellectual anti-tank rocket. 

Of course, what I say is automatically dismissed as lies.  He says I'm no longer the man he loved as a dear friend for about 60 years.  That's for sure true. 

Gone is my youthful naivete and gullibility.  It is replaced by stone cold reasoning power that came by a hard route.  I no longer stand in awe before a fictional god and his totally fictional supposed scriptures.  I care not what any god supposedly says through some ecstatic, over-impressed-with-him-or-herself revelator.  Paul, the originator of Christianity, is to me a mentally deranged con-artist.

So, I bid farewell to this longtime friend and fellow traveler.  I wished him well in what remains of his life.  He's several years older than I, so I'll probably be around longer.  I did ask him to give my regards to the various members of the Elohim if he can locate them in this vast evolutionary creation.

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